Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yes Please!!!

I have recently become a big fan of J.Crew pajama sets after purchasing the Pajama set with pocket crest on sale a couple weeks ago. The cotton is incredibly soft and extremely comfortable to wear...I could practically live in them all day! Of course you know I would never do that unless I'm in bed with some sort of illness or injury, but honestly they feel so wonderful on that it would really be very enjoyable to wear them all day long. Add to the soft and comfy factor the fact that the menswear silhouette is designed to be flattering to the female form, and it makes them a definite winner in my opinion! :)

So now that I have fallen in love with the cotton that J.Crew uses for their pj's, I have added a new pair to my wishlist...the Vintage Pajama Set in the Hydrangea colorway, although I honestly would not mind having the white set, too. I love the piping, the button front, and the longer pant length, plus the reviews on the J.Crew website are all positive, too. How can a girl go wrong with these pjs? I have tried many other pajama sets at different retailers, but most have been either too large (even in the smallest size), too shapeless, or not soft enough to warrant the price. This simply is not the case with the pajama sets from J.Crew. Granted, I would love to get this pair on sale of course, but I also feel they could be a possible splurge-worthy purchase. :)

What are your thoughts on the J.Crew Vintage pajama set? Do you have them on your wishlist? Do you already own a pair? If so, would you recommend them? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)

***Just a reminder that J.Crew is still offering an Extra 40% Off Promo-Priced & Final Sale Items, and some of the final sale styles are even at 50% off. There were new promo items added this past weekend, and you can see the updated Promo-Priced Items & Final Sale Markdowns list HERE.

Have a lovely day! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cooking Simplified: Homemade Chicken Broth

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and having a wonderful weekend so far! Today I am sharing another one of my favorite recipes...a delicious Chicken Broth that you can easily make at home. I really prefer this one to the packaged broths you find in the local market. Not only is it very flavorful, but it does not have any extra artificial ingredients, preservatives, sodium, msg, or extra additives, which is really important to me. Besides making wonderful soups, it can also be used in casseroles, rice dishes, and other recipes that call for chicken broth. :)

Homemade Chicken Broth:


1 whole chicken
1 onion, quartered
1 tomato, quartered
1 cup carrots
2 celery stalks
2 cloves garlic
2-3 sprigs thyme
3 bay leaves
fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley (I used both)
whole peppercorns (to taste)
kosher salt (to taste)


Place all ingredients into a large stock pot and fill with water. Cover and simmer on low for several hours. When it's done, strain the liquid, throw out all the vegetables, and remove the chicken for other recipes like chicken salad, Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken, or anything else that calls for shredded chicken.

If you're not using the stock right away you can store it in containers and refrigerate for up to 2 days. When the stock is chilled, the fat will rise to the top and harden and you can easily remove it if you so desire. I personally like to make up a batch or two ahead of time, let it chill to remove the excess fat, then pour the broth into freezer bags, which I then lay them flat on one of the racks in the freezer. Once frozen the bags take up very little space, (they can be stored under or on top of other items), and the broth can be stored in the freezer for up to two months.

I used the broth last month as my base to make a 15 Bean Soup and also added lamb bones while it was cooking. The soup was so incredibly delicious, and my family ate it up in no time at all. :)

That's it for now! Let me know what you think if you decide to try out this recipe...I always love to hear from you!

***Just a reminder that J.Crew is offering an Extra 40% Off Promo-Priced Items & Final Sale Markdowns, plus an Extra 50% Off Select Final Sale Styles. Click HERE for more details and to see the Updated Promo-Priced Items & Markdowns list.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Shopping Simplified @ J.Crew: Extra 40% Off Promo-Priced Items & Final Sale Markdowns + an Extra 50% Off Select Final Sale Styles - SALEFUN!!!

Hello everyone! It's time for another All Things Simplified Shopping post, where I take the work out of sale shopping for you! My 'simplified shopping' posts will include information on the deal or % off, promo-priced items, and/or sale markdowns, and/or my personalized picks for retailers that are running current sale promotions. This time the simplified shopping is at J.Crew...

J.Crew is offering an Extra 40% Off Promo-Priced Items & Final Sale Markdowns, plus an Extra 50% Off Select Final Sale Styles with code SALEFUN at checkout until 7.22.14. They have done a 'switch-up' on the Promo-priced items at J.Crew this week...a lot of new items have been marked to promo-price, while others have gone back to regular-price or marked down to sale price (making them final sale).

For those of you who aren't familiar with Promo-priced items, they are select Regular-price pieces that J.Crew marks down to a 'Promotional Price' for a short amount of time. These items end in $.00 or $.50, and are eligible for any extra % off sale or full-price promotions that may occur at any time. The Promo-priced items are also eligible for the Educator and Student Discounts, so if you are a teacher or student you can receive an additional 15% off on them, as well.

If an item is on promo or sale online, but not in the store, ask the sales associate if they will match the online price, and apply any extra % off that may be happening at that time. You can also ask to place a Red Phone order for an online promo-priced or sale item and have any extra % off taking place in the store applied to it, as well.

The promo-prices are usually in effect for a week or two (sometimes longer), then they either go back up to full-price or move on into Final Sale. I have noted the majority of the Women's Promo-priced items currently available on the J.Crew website, as well as the items that have recently been marked down below.

New Promo-Priced Items - 7.20.14:


Shirts, Tops, & Tees:

Blazers, Jackets, & Outerwear:

Dresses & Skirts:

Pants, Denim, & Shorts:






New/Recent Markdowns:


*Collection cashmere getaway hoodie - $159.99, $139.99, & $129.99

Dresses & Skirts:

*Gwen dress - $139.99
*Amie maxidress - $79.99
*Gauze maxiskirt - $44.99

Denim, Pants, & Shorts:


*Cork clutch - $49.99
*Tortoise clutch - $109.99




*Embroidered floral stripe scarf - $28.99 in yellow sandstone & $39.99 in pink seashore
*Whale socks - $9.99
*Lobster socks - $10.99

What are your thoughts on this sale? Do you own any of the items currently on promo? Is there any item you would recommend? Please do share...I always love hearing from you!

That's it for now! Have a lovely day, and Happy Simplified Sale Shopping! :)