Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love This...

Classic. Understated. Effortlessly Chic.


Get the Look...

The Sky's the Limit:

On a Budget:



  1. Love this! I am starting to get into button downs, having avoided them for so long! What a great look!

  2. I always admire this type of look. Chambray is usually such a flattering color. For some reason, Oxford shirts never seem to fit me comfortably, but I love the way they look on everyone else!

  3. LOVE! I will try to look like this when I board the plane tomorrow, LOL. I save your "Love This..." posts in my computer. Helps me style things I already have in my closet in new ways. You have great taste and a truly discerning eye for fashion. Thanks for the inspirations .

  4. Sigh... this is how I would like to look every day. But alas, I somehow just can get it right and pull off looking casual and put together at the same time. It probably helps that the woman in the pic is gorgeous. She could wear a potato sack and still look great!

  5. What a chic casual look. I have a denim shirt, I think I may need to add the perfect blue Oxford to my fall list.

  6. Love this too. I just received a similar shirt as a lighter weight alternative to denim and chambray for layering. Can't hardly do better than the combination of a good shirt, nice fitting comfy jeans and a quality trench!

  7. Love this look. I tend to rade my hubby's closet for his button downs:) I am 5"10" and he is 5'11" so it works...I can also wear his jeans...I know. I bit unusual but it works for the boyfriend look:)

    1. Wish my spelling on the phone was better:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on this look, ladies! I think it would be quite easy for us to recreate this one ourselves. :)