Friday, October 31, 2008

Victoria and Belle

Victoria and Belle by FFM

I absolutely love this color is so visually stunning IRL! I just purchased the boots...they are due to arrive today, and I will give my review once they do. The Cardgian is optional...the Maggie Jacket in Camel works as a substitute for the cardi, as well.

*Update on the boots: I received them yesterday, and unfortunately feel they are a *miss* for me, so they are going back. They are extra wide in the calf area, and even though I require wide-calf or stretchy boots due to having muscular calves...they were simply even too wide for me. They made me feel as if I looked like a pirate when the wide calf was combined with the ruching, top cuff, and tie at the back. Good thing I ordered from, so my return shipping is also FREE!!!