Monday, October 27, 2008

Cashmere & The Pembridge-Dot Pencil Skirt

Cashmere and The Pembridge-dot Pencil Skirt *1* by FFM

Cashmere and The Pembridge-dot Pencil Skirt *2* by FFM


  1. FFM - I really like these sets! I don't think I've seen the Pembridge-Dot items in person, but they look so pretty in your sets! I may be inspired to get them. The Pembridge-Dot top looks cute too.

  2. Thank you la petite crew! I am so glad you like them...I think I may have to get the Ivory Skirt, too...I really like it a lot! :)

  3. These sets are beautiful! Its very 'encouraging' me to go make a visit to my local B&M and maybe buy the skirt! Thank so much FFM(!!) always looking forward to your sets! You should be a personal shopper for Jcrew..or unless you already are?!
    -jenel in AZ

  4. Hi Jenel! I'm so glad you like the sets. Thanks for the compliment, and no...I am a not a J.Crew Personal Shopper. :)