Friday, October 24, 2008

Fabulous Lucille

Fabulous Lucille by FFM

The Beauty of Fall by FFM


  1. i have this coat in the yellow color and love it - get compliments every time i wear it. thanks for creating your own blog - it's fabulous. could you link each of the screenshots of your polyvore sets to the actual polyvore set? it's harder to find the polyvore set from one of your blog posts by browsing through all your sets (and the screenshots just link to a picture, so it's not super easy to figure out what pieces are in the set without browsing multiple sets on polyvore). thanks! nicely done!

  2. Hi Leanne! So glad you are enjoying my's still in *the works*, and there is a lot more to come. :) I will be sure to add the link to the actual set on Polyvore when I post it on here...I know the Polyvore site gives the name and location of each item, which is very helpful when trying to re-create the look.