Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Maggie Jacket

The Maggie Jacket *1* by FFM

The Maggie Jacket *2*...*Winter White Beauty* by FFM

The Maggie Jacket *3* by FFM


  1. I really dig this post because I just got mine (in yellow!) in the mail and wow. LOVE it. It really reinforced, for me, that I should return the herringbone Fiona, as I have been oscillating on it for the last month. My reaction to the Maggie was SO different - almost instantaneous love!!

    My one concern is an issue someone brought up over at J.Crew Aficionadas - bunching around the shoulders. Ideally, it would also fit over a heavy coat but I find that the size I ordered fits best over just a shirt. I worry that sizing up will produce more unattractive bunching. Did you buy just one size or two? If so, what were your thoughts? Thanks for any help!

  2. heavy coat = sweater. Sorry :) I wore it over a fairly thin sweater, but that was layered over a button down so perhaps it was too much for this coat.

    Funnily enough, it does feel thin but I compared it to the pea coat I use throughout the winter and they feel the same. Definitely a big sign that I need to upgrade my winter coat!

  3. Hi Melanie! I'm so happy you love your Maggie Jacket! I wore mine today, and felt FABULOUS all day long! As for fit...I only ordered the size 4, and it fits me just right ...I can wear a cashmere sweater, button down shirt, or button down with a Jackie Shell over it and feel comfortable, without it feeling too small or too tight. Just like you, I would like to be able to wear a heavier sweater underneath it, but feel that if I sized up it would lose part of the *tailored* look that I love so much. How is the yellow IRL? Can you describe it?

  4. FFM: Thanks for these great outfits. I posted this question on the aficionda blog as well--is that a Snow Merino turtleneck? If so, have you seen it in person and can you give me a description of how sheer it is? I don't live by a store and want to order it, but only if it is not see-through. Thanks so much!

  5. FFM, sorry to take so long to post back. :) I was trying off and on all day to think of how to describe the yellow but couldn't come up with an apt comparison. So I will try anyway and hope it makes sense.

    The yellow definitely doesn't have the brown undertones that the honey glaze has. It's a deep yellow (very fall-like), but I don't think it has orange undertones either, like the saffron colored French serge coat. I keep staring at it, hoping inspiration will strike. :) It's a cheery, sunny yellow that is appropriate for fall, not spring (so not very pastel-like and not a soft yellow either). Did that help at all?

    And may I say I can see why you would feel fabulous! I love it so much that even though I enjoy the pop of color the yellow provides, I would also love it in a basic color like camel or black. I am restricting myself to just one, however. :) Maybe I will be lucky and it will be on sale at such a good price, I won't be able to resist but I seriously doubt it. :) It was selling like hot cakes!

  6. Hi Emily! Sorry taking so long to get back with you...I actually went to my local J.Crew today and saw the Merino Turtlenecks IRL. They didn't have the turtleneck in Snow, but did have a similar color, just a tad darker...looked sort of like a putty color. Anyways, it appeared to be semi-sheer...I could see my hand when placing it under the sweater, so I think that the Snow will more than likely be semi-sheer, as well. At least with my experience of other J.Crew items in Snow, they usually are. The weight and feel of it reminds me of a Jackie Cardigan, with a slightly different texture...very nice. HTH! :)

  7. Melanie: thank you for the description of the yellow sounds beautiful! :)

  8. Thank you so much for looking at the Merino turtlenecks for me--I really appreciate it.
    In your opinion, do you think you would need a camisole underneath or just the appropriate color foundation garment? I'm just not sure I want to put a layer underneath something of this weight--I don't want extra bulk.
    I've been reading the blog a few months now and really trust your opinion!
    Thanks again for checking on this!

  9. Hi Emily! I am always hesitant on purchasing anything from J.Crew in the color Snow, but do think it is an absolutely beautiful color. I actually own two Cashmere sweaters in Snow, and have successfully worn them without a cami, but with a Nude Colored Bra. I think that it is quite possible to wear this turtleneck with just the nude bra, and not look like *everything* is showing. I know that if you plan on wearing the turtleneck under a blazer or shell, then you would be perfectly fine. I hope this helps you is so tricky to buy online sometimes. I have similar issues since my B&M doesn't carry many of the catalog items or colors...very frustrating to have to *buy to try* and return more than I normally would if I could just see and try it on to begin with. :)

  10. Emily, when are you planning on purchasing the turtleneck? I will be visiting my store again towards the end of next week, and would be more than happy to try the turtleneck in the *putty* color on to see just how it fits and how sheer it is on the body...just let me know. :)

  11. FFM: Thank you so much for your offer--it is so nice of you! I think I may end up calling in my offer today (I'm an educator too) because I'm anxious to have it! I thought I'd give it a try and if it is too risqué with a nude bra, then maybe it will be an excuse to drive the two hours to my nearest store to take it back (and maybe do some extra shopping...).
    It is frustrating to not live by a store, because I used to have such easy access to multiple B&M's. Unfortunately, Iowa City (where I live now) is not known for its great shopping!
    Again, I've enjoyed reading you on the blog and I always am happy to see when you post a review. I'm 5'4" with a similar build, so it gives me a good idea of sizing--which helps a lot since I don't have the luxury of trying things on before I buy.
    I'm glad I asked my question so I got a chance to meet you (so to speak)!
    Thanks again for your help.