Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Brushtroke Rose Bateau Top

The Brushtroke Rose Bateau Top *1* by FFM

The Brushtroke Rose Bateau Top *2* by FFM

The bag and shoes on set *2* are suggestions, and can be substituted by your own personal favorites.


  1. Thanks, FFm! I was just thinking of selling the top on ebay...Now I won't have to!

    I just bought the sketchbook silk rose skirt...Would you put a few outfit for it whenever you have some time? I would really appreciate it!

  2. Hi ny0311! I made two sets this week using the sketchbook rose skirt...hope you like them! :)

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  4. FFM: is this cardigan black or navy?

    P.S. when I went to "tops" category on JCrew website, I couldn't find this top. However, when I typed in its full name in "search", they had them in stock.... (????)
    I ordered it and then I asked for your styling help,it's a really pretty piece