Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ecole Jacket, Gianna Blouse, and University Pant

The Ecole Jacket, Gianna Blouse, and University Pant by FFM

The Ecole Blazer is optional, and the Gianna blouse appears to be sheer, so I have included a perfect fit cami to be worn underneath for extra coverage. Either shoe works perfectly with the set.


  1. I ordered the Gianna blouse and it is really sheer, no way to wear it without a tank. It is really cute but ended up not working for because the fabric did not have enough body. I wanted it for my sketchbook roses skirt and black cardigan, but am going to end up with a plain collared white button dow.

  2. FFM,

    Sorry off topic, but I was hoping for help with the Victoria Ruffle Cami in Navy. I got the bright fuschia Melanie merino cardigan to go with it. Any other ideas? I couldn't find it on Polyvore to see what others had come up with. I also thought of browns and off-white.


  3. Argyle - I have a navy top similar to the Victoria and I like it with ivory cords, a gray cardigan and the skinny silver metallic belt.

  4. Thanks Kate. I wonder about pairing the spearmint color with navy - would that work?

  5. Hi Argyle - I think navy and spearmint would be really nice together. I also love it with the famous J Crew honey glaze color. I can't wait to hear what FFM comes up with, I always love her stuff.

  6. could you make a set using the glenbrae flats in camel?! thanks in advance!

  7. argyle: The Navy Victoria will also look pretty with Kelly Green, Yellow, Bright Blue, and Orange. HTH! :)

  8. I love pastel colors but ORANGE has a special place in my heart :) I never thought orange can be mixed with khaki and navy but after you made these sets, I'm relieved.

    Can Ecole jacket be replaced with Fiona in most cases or not? Which one is more casual?

    P.S. I am not sure if you're still reading the last "dear FFM" on JCrew aficionada so I am going to ask you here: what would you wear Penelope flats in canyon with? I bought them just recently and they're just collecting dust right now because I am not sure what to wear them with. I made some sets but I am not too happy with them. Please help!

  9. Sanfranciscoca: I love orange, too! :) The Fiona can indeed take the place of the Ecole jacket in most instances...the color scheme can remain the same. I would consider the Ecole to be more casual, as the ruffles on the Fiona make it feel dressier to me. :)

    I love the Canyon in the Penelopes! I had hoped to score a pair of the peep toes in the same color, but they're sold out now. I'll work on something for you this week. :)

  10. Anon @11:16: I have done a few sets with the Glenbrae Flat boots in Camel previously:

    Click Here and

    Here .

  11. Thanks FFM!

    I love those shoes and i would really like to wear them as much as I can...

    P.S. Missing Penelope shoes isn't a big deal, I am sure they will make a pair that you'll be smitten with very soon!
    (if their shoes were only a bit more comforable...)