Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Merino Sequin Chiffon Shell

The Merino Sequin Chiffon Shell *Casual Chic* by FFM

The Merino Sequin Chiffon Shell For A Night Out by FFM


  1. I like the casual chic option. I think the shell could be a fun piece but I haven't been sure what to pair it with.

  2. I have this skirt in warm champagne and gold ballet flats- now all I need is this shell!

    I guess if you don't stop making great sets, I will have to keep shopping ;)

  3. FFM,

    Hi, I have last years JCrew tuxedo pants and I need help figuring out a way to wear with them...I do not like sequins so that is a no go:) I need to wear flat or low heeled shoes b/c of back surgery.

    THanks for any help.

  4. Sorry for the typos in my post...I actually think the tuxedo pants were from holiday '06.....anyway...thanks again.

  5. I also have this skirt in warm champagne. I bought it on impulse. Thanks for giving me a way to wear it!

  6. Anon @6:29/5:48: Sorry for the late reply...I've been hunting a picture of the Tuxedo pants from Holiday '06, but cannot seem to find one. Any chance you can email me a picture?