Monday, November 24, 2008

Options To Wear For Wedding Planning

The following looks were created for one of my clients to wear the week before her wedding while running errands and finalizing wedding plans.

The Week Before The Wedding...*1* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*2* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*3* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*4* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*5* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*6* by FFM
The Victoria Ruffle Shirt can be replaced with a Black or White Turtleneck to give the outfit a more *subtle* look.

The Week Before The Wedding...*7* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*8* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*9* by FFM

The Week Before The Wedding...*10* by FFM


  1. Oh my, you must have made one girl a very happy bride! I cannot imagine how nice it would be to have a whole week of outfits picked out - especially the week before a wedding when life is just crazy! But now you have my thinking about purchasing those great AK boots!

  2. I like all the outfits--very chic:) except number 6. The ruffle blouse with the berry Astrid has too much going on...I own both pieces and would not wear them together.

  3. very cute outfits! had a question - do you own/have you seen irl the AK boots? i almost bought them over the weekend (macys) but couldn't decide if the buckle looked cheap or chic. any opinions would be very nice!

  4. Come on, FFM, hoping you will show us some great holiday looks! Thanks for all you do! I have used so many of your suggestions, and actually PURCHASED items to go with others I had because of how you put things together.

    Thank you so much!

  5. kate!: I actually spoke with my client that purchased the AK Boots, and this is her response:

    *I LOVE the buckle detail, and don't think it looks cheap at all. Are they the best quality boots in the world???? no - the borns I got are better. Are they worth it if you can get a great price at macy's? YES.*

    I hope this helps with your decision! :)

  6. Thanks anon @4:59! More sets coming soon! :) Do you have a specific Holiday request?

  7. thanks so much for letting me know about the buckle!! i thought it looked nice, but its hard for me to tell (i like to build consensus before i buy things!). thanks again!

  8. Please, where is that jacket in the first outfit from?? It's gorgeous! I looked on the J. Crew site, and I can't find it.

  9. Hi Julia! That is a Bella jacket from last year...the color is called Heather Nut. They actually popped up again in the sale section at J.Crew a couple months ago, and can often be found on Ebay, as well. :) The J.Crew Factory stores have also been known to sell their own version. HTH!

  10. Thank you!! I'll have to keep an eye out on ebay.