Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Penelope Flats In Canyon

The Penelope Flats In Canyon...*1* by FFM

The Penelope Flats In Canyon...*2* by FFM


  1. Fabulous sets, thank you!!!

    I don't have Andie bag (actually I don't own a single bag in red color)- is there any other neutral bag that would go with these shoes? It should be one of the colors on the penelope flats themselves, right?

    Any suggestions much appreciated :)

  2. SanfranciscoCA: I intitially put your Metallic Uptown Tote in it, but thought I would show how nice the red bag goes with the shoes, instead. You can use your tote OR opt for shopping for a fab red bag, too. Have you tried Marshalls and TJ Maxx for great bags?

  3. I've never been to TJ Maxx, I have to check store locator for my area-any bag in particular you have in mind?

    I'm not sure what design to pick (when it comes to red bags), I never buy bags for a single season.

    I always invest in bags and tend to buy those that I will love and wear for years to come :)

    Thanks for advice, much appreciated!!!!!

  4. I don't have any particular bag in mind...I'm like you when it comes to my handbags and purchase investment pieces, as opposed to a new bag each season. If you really want a red bag to pull the look together, then I would suggest carrying one of the shoes with you and look for something you like that *goes* with the red in the shoe or one of the 3 colors in the shoe. Otherwise you can always just carry your J.Crew metallic tote. :)

  5. It's going to be challenging to find a red patent leather bag that goes with Penelope that isn't too tacky :))

    Can't wait though :)

    Thanks again!

  6. FFM: just an update-I did not find a decent red patent leather bag (Loheman's had the worst designer bags a store can have, I swear)

    I'll let you know if I find the perfect bag for Penelope flats in any case

    P.S. Please check out the 3-4 sets I made as a comparison between JCrew items and Ann Taylor. I went to Ann Taylor today and I was SHOCKED to see almost the exact same items ("unique pieces"). I mean, it wasn't one or two items-more like 10-15....unbelievable.