Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Champagne Licorice Tee

The Champagne Licorice Tee...*1* by FFM

The Mandala Necklace is wrapped twice around the neck, and the Kelly Sweater Jacket is left open. The Tulip Jacket in Bright Flame could be worn in place of the Kelly Sweater Jacket. :)

The Champagne Licorice Tee...*2* by FFM

The Crewneck Tee is worn under the Licorice Tee. The boots are worn slouchy, and the matchstick jeans are tucked into them.

The Champagne Licorice Tee...*3* by FFM

This look is for the Licorice Tee once Spring arrives, or for me now since I live in Florida. :)

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