Friday, December 5, 2008

The Duchamp-Print Astor Jacket

The Duchamp-Print Astor Jacket...*1* by FFM

The T-Neck is worn under the short-sleeve tee, and both are left untucked to hang below the hemline of the jacket. The jacket is left open and hangs perfectly this way. The jeans are tucked into the boots. Looks fabulous on IRL. :)

*I plan to shorten the sleeves on the jacket by 3-4 inches.

The Duchamp-Print Astor Jacket...*2* by FFM

The jacket is left unbuttoned in this look, too.

The Duchamp-Print Astor Jacket...*3* by FFM

The Jacket is left open and unbuttoned in this look, too.


  1. I love this jacket. It is insanely cute and I enjoy wearing it. Thanks for the looks. I did not need to shorten the sleeves as I am tall.


  2. Hi Ann! Congratulations on the jacket...I agree that it IS insanely cute, and just looks FABULOUS on! :)