Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Floral-Ruffle Astrid Jacket

The Floral-Ruffle Astrid Jacket...*1* by FFM

The Floral-Ruffle Astrid Jacket...*2* by FFM

A pink turtleneck or button-down shirt can be worn in place of the Jackie Shell.


  1. Hi FFM!
    As always, I LOVE your style and ideas!

    Not sure where to post requests for JCrew sets, but was hoping maybe you could do one or two using the dusty rose peep-toes? I did find one set in your polyvore, but would love any other ideas you might have.

    I also have the wide dusty rose belt if you think those might look good together.


  2. i love this jacket and would have purchased it if the sleeves did end in the ruffle fabric. we all know they edited the garment before mass producing it for the stores, and i think it lost a lot by taking that detail away.

  3. Oh! I really like the Candy Tee with the Floral Astrid! What a stunning combination! Oh problem is, I don't own the Floral Astrid and I cannot justify buying the jacket to go with the Tee.

    Just wondering, do you own the Floral Astrid? If yes, what do you think of it?

  4. Even though I was so disappointed they took off the wrist/cuff trim I bought the floral astrid. I did not buy any of the JCRew grafic tees...I think they are way overpriced (even on sale)and I can find graphic tees just as cute with higher quality cotton elsewhere (I get tees for $5-7 dollars max and found some really cute ones at New Look in the UK). I tend to spend my money on unique JCrew jackets and other pieces that stand out.


  5. Crew_Girl_In_Canada: I don't own the Floral-Astrid Jacket, but I did see a couple on Ebay. This set was requested. :)

    Ann: Wow! What a great deal on graphic tees! I agree about the J.Crew tees being overpriced, and wouldn't ever buy one at full price. I actually got my J.Crew Licorice Tee for $16, so I was pretty pleased! :)