Monday, December 22, 2008

The Maggie Jacket In Deep Yellow

The Maggie Jacket In Deep Yellow...*1* by FFM

The Gold in this Licorice Tee looks really pretty with yellow. The Snowball Necklace is wrapped around the neck twice for a shorter look, and the Matchstick jeans are tucked into the boots. Your favorite jeans, boots, shoes, and handbag can be substituted.

The Maggie Jacket In Deep Yellow...*2* by FFM

The boots are made by Bronx, and they are actually slouchy boots. The Matchstick Jeans are worn tucked into them.


  1. Hi FFM - my snowball necklace arrived today! I love it so much! I also ordered the twisted crystal necklace. They are so pretty toghether. I am wearing them both with my Bria cami in champagne, ivory city luxe cords and an ivory cardigan on Christmas eve. I can't wait.

  2. Hi Kate! Congratulations on getting your Snowball necklace and LOVING it!!! I absolutely ADORE mine and wear it all the time. :) I wish I had also purchased the Twisted Crystal necklace...your idea of wearing them together sounds FABULOUS!!! I ordered and received the Gold Mandala necklace (very pretty, too), and the Dainty Knot necklace (also very pretty, and surprisingly actually dainty, just like it's name describes), and love them both, as well. Btw...your outfit for Christmas Eve sounds BEAUTIFUL! Have fun looking so FABULOUS! :)