Monday, December 22, 2008

The Merino Trois-Rosette Tank

The Merino Trois-Rosette Tank...*1* by FFM

The Merino Trois-Rosette Tank...*2* by FFM


  1. Hi FFM. Love your PVs! I recently bought the Merino Trois-Rosette Tank in all colors and the black is probably my favorite :)

    I was wondering if you own a pair of the short Harlow boots, and if so, how you like them. What do you think works with short boots? ( I have one on the way in espresso.)



  2. Hi Sue! I'm so pleased you are enjoying my PV sets, and congratulations on the Trois-Rosette tank...very pretty!

    I do not own the short Harlow boots, but do have a similar pair of Steve Madden's that I wear quite often. I wear my short boots with Matchstick jeans tucked into them, and with regular pants/jeans when I need a more casual/running errands look...I have even worn them with tights and a skirt...I think there are a lot of possibilites, so be sure to experiment to find which ones work for you. I love the Espresso sure to report back once your Harlow's arrive. I would love to hear what you think about them. :)