Friday, December 19, 2008

The Trixie Heel In Berry

The Trixie Heel In Berry...*1* by FFM

This set is a request from someone living in Florida, who wanted a set with the Trixie Heels in Berry. Both looks are appropriate for Florida now, as well as in the Spring and Summer.

The Kelly Shirt is worn under the Cashmere Shell. The Matchstick Jeans are worn to *showcase* the shoes, but your favorite jeans can be substituted in their place.

The Trixie Heel In Berry...*2* by FFM

The Cardigan is Optional.


  1. I'm liking these colors! They're making me think of visiting Florida in January. I do like the berry with white. It's not a color combination I would ever think to pair together, but it really looks feminine while sophisticated. I can't get over how fabulous that bag is! Coach hit a home run with that style this year.

  2. I am visiting florida this christmas, I am going to miami and key west. Please help me here, Can a wear a skirt or a dress ? if yes or no, what can i wear which is chic ? I will check back here on your comments, thanks in advance.

  3. Hi 3-Penny Princess! Thanks for the compliment on the was actually a request made by someone who DOES live in Florida, so I think it will be fabulous for her. :)

    Karlene, thank you for the Merry Christmas wishes...I wish you the same!! :)

  4. Ashu, congratulations on your trip to Florida! I think skirts and dresses will be perfect for you, as well as capris, shorts, and sandals...Florida is very casual when it comes to what most people wear. The weather will be in the upper 70's/low 80's so you definitely won't need a heavy sweater or jacket. J.Crew actually has Resort wear out in their B&M stores and I saw a couple of beach dresses when I was there yesterday, such as the Embossed-cotton Lorelei dress . This type of dress with a simple pair of sandals or flip flops would be fabulous for your trip! HTH...have a fantastic time! :)