Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Trixie Heel In Fog White Dot

The Trixie Heel In Fog White Dot...*1* by FFM

The Trixie Heel In Fog White Dot...*2* by FFM

The Maggie Jacket is optional on this look.


  1. Do you have the grey Maggie? I just bought the camel and was wondering how the other colors look IRL.

  2. Hi Leaderboys! I don't have the grey Maggie...yet, but it IS on my wishlist! I have the Camel Maggie and LOVE it, though. I would like to have one in Black and Ivory, too. :) I believe silver_lining purchased the grey and said she loves it.

  3. These colors are fresh and girly together, but totally grown-up. The gray Maggie with the pink serge pencil skirt and Trixie heels, plus that amazing bag (in white, no less) channels Jackie O all the way!

  4. Thanks 3-Penny Princess! I personally love the look of gray and pink together...SO feminine. :) That particular style of Coach bag is TDF!!! It comes in numerous colors...ALL of them fabulous, too!

  5. The pink and grey combo is so pretty.

    I have the Maggie in camel and grey and they are both very pretty and versatile.

  6. I have been following you blog for a while now. You have given me some great outfit ideas. Love this one now too, I would like a maggie jacket but I just bought the
    99959 Merino Miranda jacket in graphite. I have the bright fuschia turtleneck too so I think I could wear with the miranda. Do you have any other ideas for this sweater. I live in Canada and I am partial to any sweaters that look warm. Again thanks for all your great ideas.