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Wearing Today: 1.30.09

Wearing Today: 1.30.09
Wearing Today: 1.30.09 - by FFM on

My turtleneck is from Gap, but I couldn't find a picture, so I'm substituting the J.Crew one in its place. I'd love to have the bag...

The Tissue Rolling Ruffles Tank in Dark Charcoal

The Tissue Rolling Ruffles Tank in Dark Charcoal
The Tissue Rolling Ruffles Tank in Dark Charcoal - by FFM on

One of my outfits...I don't have the bag, but mine is similar style wise (the Mossimo one shown on my blog but in Black instead of Salmon), and my necklace is a pretty white pearl with black beads and silver accent long necklace from Forever 21.

Here are a couple of photos showing the way it fits me...this is the Extra Small.

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*Do It Yourself* Denim Distressing

In my FFM's Fabulous Find post last night I mentioned possibly trying to distress my own jeans in order to recreate the look of the distressed jeans at J.Crew seen in the two pictures below.

Well, I went for it tonight, and I think they turned out pretty much ok. :) My tool to create the actual distress on the jeans was the Neat Feet Callus Remover that can be purchased at Target for $1.97 Click Here , and a small plastic bowl. The Callus Remover has two sides: one that's similar to a pumice stone, and the other that's similar to a teeny tiny grater, which is the side I used. *Thanks to Leslie who posted that she was also successful with her DIY Denim Distressing, and used rough sand paper to create the look.First I placed the bowl into the leg of the jeans bottom side up where I wanted to cause the distress. The edge of the bowl should be placed where you want the distress mark to be. I then took the grated side of my *tool* and rubbed it back and forth on the edge of the bowl (which is under the denim), until I achieved my own personal desired look. I then moved the bowl to the next targeted area, and repeated the same process. (For the knee distressing I put the jeans on and then marked them with a pen on the spot that would actually get worn if I were to, oh I don't know...drag my knee through a field of rocks and dirt, or spend hours and hours weeding the flower beds.) FYI: The grating causes the denim to shed and shred quickly leaving blue fibers everywhere, so you may want to take this into account when choosing where to create. After I finished the entire process I put them through a wash cycle and then into the dryer. The distressed areas will become more and more *aged* each time they are laundered.

Here is the distressed back pocket...sorry about the blurred picture:

Here is the view of both pockets that were distressed just a little:

This is the right knee:

And here they are on:

They actually look cuter IRL than in this pic, since it's taken from an odd angle trying to get a closer up shot. My DH had already asked me why I was destroying a perfectly good pair of jeans, so I didn't think it wise to ask his assistance with the photos, and that is why I ended up with these...sorry! The distressed areas should get even better with time, wear, and washing. :) So what do you think? Will you try your own *Do It Yourself* Denim Distressing?

*Knotting* The Necklaces

Since I have noted numerous times on my Polyvore sets, as well as my FFM's Fabulous Find post last night that I am *knotting* my Twisted Crystal Necklace as well as my Pearls at the bottom...I decided I would post a picture to give a visual. The knotting can be done on most necklaces that have significant length, and it is a great option for changing up the look of an item you already own. I first learned the knotting trick for the pearls back in the early 80's, and then lcsmom mentioned that she was wearing her Twisted Crystal necklace knotted as well, after she remembered seeing it in a J.Crew catalog picture...THANKS lcsmom!!! I love the way it looks! :) (The bracelet in the picture is the Rectangular Link Bracelet. I wanted to show it IRL because the website picture doesn't do it justice. It's not a cuff, but an actual bracelet with a clasp).

Two Perfect Tops For the Astrid Boucle' in Bright Berry

I have been searching for a shirt (other than white) to wear with my Astrid Boucle' Jacket in Bright Berry. I wanted to *match* it almost exactly to create a monochromatic upper body look that I will wear with Denim, Navy, Khaki, Stone, and White (when Spring arrives). I am happy to report that I have been successful in my search!!! The J.Crew Soft-rib short sleeve Scoopneck Tee, item #10609, in Bright Berry is a perfect match. The neckline is beautiful under the jacket, especially when layered with pearls and either the Crystal Snowball or Twisted Crystal Necklace. The tee is shown with the jacket in the first and second pictures.
Not only was the Scoopneck tee a complete success, but I also found the Ruffled Chiffon Top in Cyclamen, item #579812, at Old Navy that also looks beautiful. It is the same color as the deeper shade in the flower and fabric. It is really cute IRL and very flattering on, too. The ruffle peeks out from the bottom of the jacket, making the overall silhouette even more feminine. It's the top on the right in the picture below.
The next picture is the ON Chiffon Top closer to the flower. The top is currently available at in size M-XXL for $11.99.

The J.Crew Long Sleeve Scoopneck Tee also comes in Bright Berry, and I want to add that the Chiffon Rosette Tee in Blush also looks pretty with the jacket. I love the dark pink/light pink combination. :)

Do you own the Astrid Boucle' Jacket in Bright Berry? What are you wearing with yours?

Wearing Today: 1.29.09

Wearing Today: 1.29.09
Wearing Today: 1.29.09 - by FFM on

My cardigan is from Target and looks like this one except it doesn't have pockets, and of course isn't Cashmere, either. The Twisted Crystal necklace in worn knotted at the bottom, and my shoes are also from Target called *Maggie* on sale for $7. My jeans are Gap Essential and are rolled at the bottom. I plan to *distress* them in order to recreate the J.Crew pair shown.

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Does This Remind You Of A Certain J.Crew Bag?

I came across this handbag at Target recently, and I have to say it reminds me of the J.Crew Editor Tote. ..granted, it's not leather, but the overall shape and design is very similar. This is the Mossimo Black Triple Handle Tote in Salmon. It retails for $22.99 and also comes in Black, Bone, and Teal (which is a softer color IRL than the picture on the Target website).

The Target website description is:
*Oversized Tote
*PVC Plastic, Nylon Lining
*Deep Dark Pink
*Features Interior Zip Pocket, 2 Main Compartments
*Snap Closure, Removable Strap, Double Handles
*Wipe Clean with Damp Cloth
*Dimensions: 16.0 X 5 X 13 "

Here is the J.Crew Editor Tote...

The J.Crew website description:

$395.00 item 13633

"We love the casual-chic look of this bag. The leather has been intentionally distressed for a worn-in, worldly appearance and will continue to soften and fade gradually over time. Removable resin chain. Resin hardware. Top interior hidden magnetic closure. Front-wall split patch pocket, back-wall shiny brass zip pocket. Cotton twill lining. Part of the J.Crew Collection. Import. Comes with dust bag. 36" resin chain. 7" handle drop. 16"H x 12 3/8"W x 5 1/4"D."

The Mossimo bag has a similar look, but for a significantly less amount of money...what are your thoughts?

FFM's Fabulous Find: Merona Tatiana Mary Jane Pumps in Blush

I recently happened across a Fabulous pair of shoes at Target, while searching for the Leopard print flats that had been discussed on JCA. They are called the Merona Tatiana Mary Jane Pump in Blush, and are on sale at for $17.49, but were only $8.74 in the store. They are very similar in appearance to the J.Crew Spectator Mary Jane in Dusty Rose, except they are smooth, without the extra detailing the J.Crew pair have. They are a pretty pale pink that looks beautiful with the Chiffon Rosette Tee in Blush, as well as the Jackie Cardigan in Shell (not pictured). They aren't a perfect match, but they do *go*. :) To top it all off...they are comfortable, too!
The description:

*Build Your Outfit from the Ground Up with these Mary Jane Pumps Featured in Light Pink
*Faux Patent Leather Upper with Thermoplastic Rubber Outsoles
*3.25" Wrapped Heel
*Features Buckle with Flirty Peep Toe
*Tagless Footbed, Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Non-Skid Tread on Toe and Heel

Since the new Spring Arrivals aren't online yet, I took a pictue of the outfit I plan to wear with the tee and shoes. The jeans are Gap Essentials (the leg appears wider in the pic than they actually are IRL), and I have them rolled up at the bottom. I am contemplating distressing them myself to recreate the look of the J.Crew Distressed Vintage Jean. The necklaces are the Twisted Crystal necklace from J.Crew, and the 72" Endless Simulated Pearl Necklace from KJL. The bracelet is the J.Crew Rectangular-Link Bracelet, and the purse is from Banana Republic in beautiful Cream colored Leather. I will be wearing Diamond Studs (not shown).

*UPDATE: New Arrivals are now online at, so I created a set on Polyvore for this outfit. I also experimented with distressing the jeans, as well: *Do It Yourself* Denim Distressing .

The Ringspun Cotton Rosette Tee in Shell
The Ringspun Cotton Rosette Tee in Shell - by FFM on

Wearing Today: 1.28.09

Wearing Today: 1.28.09
Wearing Today: 1.28.09 - by FFM on

Shop Your Closet

SHOPPING: the word is music to my ears, and to be quite is one of my FAVORITE things in the world to do! Yes, I admit it: I LOVE TO SHOP! The only problem with this is that I cannot always AFFORD to shop. As many of you may know...children are expensive...plain and simple. It costs a lot to raise a child, and I have 4 of them, 2 of which are still in diapers and one who has a physical disability requiring therapy. The clothing and other non-necessity part of the budget is of course the smallest, and sometimes even non-existent. So how does a girl who loves to shop still find a way to do what she LOVES??? Well, as the saying goes *necessity is the mother of invention*, so over the past several years I have honed my bargain shopping skills and creative talents, to the point where I rarely pay full price for anything, and recycle my own clothing pieces in order to achieve new looks without spending any money.

One of my particular areas of expertise is *Shopping My Closet*...I have been doing this for a very long time. I absolutely LOVE going into my closet to find pieces I had forgotten about, pieces that I wear occasionally, pieces that I wear on a regular basis and then *style* them into outfits. I am frequently amazed at how many different looks can be achieved for an individual's all about *changing it up a bit* and looking at the pieces differently. After the outfits are created I can then decide if any of the looks needs an update. More often than not I don't need anything to complete a look...basically everything I need is already in my closet. If I do think a particular outfit needs an update, it can easily be accomplised by adding a new accessory, bag, pair of shoes, or (less frequently) another garment, and the best part about it is that it can be done at any budget level. I actually make a list of the items I would like to find to complete my newly discovered looks, so that when I am online or in the store looking at the sale section, I can reference my list to see if the item is there. I will also take pictures of my styled outfit or hang the completed look in my makes getting dressed a lot quicker and easier. The greatest part about the whole process is that it really doesn't have to cost a fortune to make an outfit look entirely just takes a little bit of creativy and bargain hunting.

(For many years I have had the idea to do this for other women, as well...*Shopping Their Closets* to help them utilize their current wardrobe and feel FABULOUS without breaking the bank...this idea has finally come to fruition, and it is exciting for me. I truly believe that every woman deserves to feel FABULOUS about herself, and I love helping to make that happen).
Incidentally, I am SO looking forward to the new movie *Confessions of a Shopaholic*in theatres 2.13.09...anyone else?

Have you ever *Shopped Your Closet*? Do you have any tips you would like to share or favorite places to find great deals? Please do tell!!!

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A Few J.Crew Spring Arrivals *Continued*

I made another trip out to my local J.Crew today, and was able to get a couple more photos to share. I also made some updates to my previous J.Crew Spring Arrivals post from Thursday. :)

UPDATE: Thank you to ladolcevita for more information on this jacket. The name is the Faille Maisey Jacket, and it also comes in Dusty Rose and Dark Charcoal. It is so feminine and very flattering on. I tried on the size 4 and it fit well, but I could have possibly worn a size 2, but there was not one in the store to try on. The color code on the tag is CHA, and it retails for $148. The next picture is the back of it.

This is the pink and green sweater I mentioned in the other Spring Arrivals post. I wear a Small in this one. $88

This piece is trench coat length with ruffles at the collar and a tie at the waist. It has very small stripes, and the color is called Natural. It's lightweight, as well. $168

Have you made it to your J.Crew to check out the new Spring Arrivals? Is there anything in particular you're interested in?

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A Few J.Crew Spring Arrivals

I made a visit to my local J.Crew this evening to see the new Spring Arrivals and took some photos to share with everyone. The catalog had not arrived yet.

This is the Keegan Jacket in White. I wear a size 4 in this, and that is my size in the Maggie Jacket, Cooper Chino Jacket, and Lucille Jacket. I would consider the shape to be more of a Trapeze style, and the fit reminds me a bit of the Andy Jacket from last year. It looks really cute with the cuff of the sleeve rolled up a bit, a fitted tee and the Bistro Pants in Stone. :)
This is one of the new tees and it's currently available in Shell (shown in the photo) and Natural. The shell color of the tee is actually more peachy than the Shell color of the Jackie Cardigan (which I own for comparison)... definitely still pink, but with peach undertones, especially in the flowers. I would personally not consider wearing it with the Jackie Cardigan in Shell because the colors are very different. I take a size Medium which is the same size I have for the Candy Tees. This is Ringspun Cotton and $48. UPDATE: I went back to my J.Crew this morning and retried the tee...I think the Small fits me better in the bust than the medium, and is more fitted through the body. I could wear either Small or Medium. If you are my size but have a large bust, the Medium might be better. This is called the *Ringspun Cotton Rosette Tee*, and it is item #13126B.

Ruffle tank in Shell (same as the above tee)...I take an XS in this one. This also comes in Dark Charcoal/Slate, a Light Gray color, and a Cream color, as well. $44 UPDATE: This is called the *Tissue Rolling Ruffles Tank* item #12667B. THANK YOU ladolcevita for the information. :)
Another new flower tee...I can wear a Small in this one. $45

And another tee...this came in an Ivory color, and I am a Medium in this one. $42.50

This is a Metallic tee with Gold and Pinky/Peach. It also comes in a Silver/Gray combo, and another with Purples, as well. Size Medium again.

The Annie Blouse in what I would call Pistachio Green. This runs big...the size 0 was roomy on me.

Yet another tee...this is slub-cotton, and the sleeves are a little puffy, and in a dressier fabric. Small fit well on this one. It also comes in a Dark Slate color.

This skirt reminds me of the Dark Chambray Swing also comes in Denim, Gray Stripe, and another color of stripes that escapes my recollection. I could wear a 0 in this just like the Spring Dots Nicky Skirt, but would size up to a 2 in order to gain a bit of length.

Another Annie Blouse in Bright Sun and Gray. There is also a skirt in this same color and print. $118

For reference on sizing: I am a size 2 in most J.Crew pants, although I sized up to a 4 on the new City-Fit pants mentioned below. I consistently wear a 0 in tanks and camis, a 2 in the Victoria Ruffle blouse, and a Small in the Kelly Shirt. My sizing in jackets is either a 2 or 4: I wear a 2 in the Ecole, Berry-Trim Astrid, and Donegal Tweed Blazer. I wear a 4 in the Maggie Jacket, Lucille Jacket, and Chino Cooper Jacket. My bust is 34B/C and I am 5'4" with fairly broad shoulders (which is why I sometimes size up in jackets and shirts with sleeves).

FYI: There were come City-Fit pants out on the table which came in basic colors as well as Dark Olive Green and Quartz (Pink). I think they could possibly be the City-Fit Buttery Twill Trouser back again. I have not seen them online yet, but wanted to note that the Pink pair are basically transparent due to the kind of fabric they are. I also think they run a tad small, and I would size up if purchasing them for myself. If purchasing the Ruffle Favorite Tank for myself I would get an Extra Small. The Citrus Lime Ruffle Tank is more yellow than green...almost like a Highlighter pen. Lots of new mini-skirts in various colors and prints. A pink and green cardigan...I think it was a Paisley pattern, but I just glanced at it, so can't be certain. There was also a skirt in the same print. There were more skirts in the same shape as the Lattice Print skirt, but in solid colors.
UPDATE: I called my J.Crew and was told by the SA that the Dark Olive and Pink City-Fit pants I tried on were indeed the Buttery Twill Trousers. Anon @9:34 has also reported that the SA at their store said they are called the Saturday Trouser, and are very similar to the Buttery Twill Trouser except they don't have a long tab across the front button.

GREAT NEWS FOR MANY WHO HAVE INQUIRED: The Cropped Chinos I have shown in numerous sets are back with this current rollout. I saw them in White and Khaki, but more colors should be coming soon. The item number is 13661, but they do not appear to be available online yet.

I didn't see a lot of new jewelry...apparently it is coming in with the Men's Spring line next week. I was also told that the second half of the Spring rollout will arrive next month.

Please feel free to ask questions about any of the items. :)

Is there anything you see that will go on your wishlist? Are you planning to visit your J.Crew to see the Spring Arrivals in person?