Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Argyle V-Neck Cardigan

The Argyle V-Neck Cardigan *Look 1* by FFM

The color of the cardigan is Heather Ecru Graphite.

For: Athena

The Argyle V-Neck Cardigan *Look 2* by FFM

The jeans can be substituted by your own favorite pair, and brown boots can be worn in place of the pumps.

For: Athena


  1. FFM, thanks!!

    I have the camel tissue turtleneck, yay! That looks great together! I also love the other combo!!Wonder if the safari juliets would go with this, or would it be too much?

    Thanks again, I was beginning to think the cardigan was a "dud"!! ha!


  2. Hi Athena! I'm glad you like the sets. :) I would say to try the Safari Juliets with the sweater...I think it will work. I was also going to pair the cardigan with the new Spring Dots Nicky Skirt in Pebble. I really like the look of mixing different patterns that have the same color asthetic, so I think the Safari Juliets should work in the sets, as well. :)