Thursday, January 29, 2009

*Knotting* The Necklaces

Since I have noted numerous times on my Polyvore sets, as well as my FFM's Fabulous Find post last night that I am *knotting* my Twisted Crystal Necklace as well as my Pearls at the bottom...I decided I would post a picture to give a visual. The knotting can be done on most necklaces that have significant length, and it is a great option for changing up the look of an item you already own. I first learned the knotting trick for the pearls back in the early 80's, and then lcsmom mentioned that she was wearing her Twisted Crystal necklace knotted as well, after she remembered seeing it in a J.Crew catalog picture...THANKS lcsmom!!! I love the way it looks! :) (The bracelet in the picture is the Rectangular Link Bracelet. I wanted to show it IRL because the website picture doesn't do it justice. It's not a cuff, but an actual bracelet with a clasp).


  1. Hi FFM!

    I started knotting my twisted crystal necklace by accident! I need it to be shorter while getting my tired and cranky daughter into her car seat one day. And then I noticed the length looked better with my outfit so it stayed. :-)

    I now play around with the look before leaving the house -- I love long necklaces and its great to mix it up. Depending on how big the loop and knot, the whole effect can be longer or shorter -- especially with pearl or beaded necklaces.

    Btw, I really appreciate you recent tips, pics and postings! Please keep them coming!!!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! I have the twisted crystal necklace and every time I wear it, I get compliments.

    I am a new reader to your blog and really enjoy it!

  3. Oh I love this is so Pretty in Pink...and I think the fun feminine vibe it gives off goes perfect with the new spring arrivals at JCrew.

  4. FFM: What a great idea. I knotted an ugly chain from J.Crew and it looks so much more interesting! I think I can finally wear it!

  5. Hi FFM!

    I adore your blog! I love looking at your sets and finding things that I own...and then wearing them in the ways you suggest. Along those lines, I have a question about the pearls you are knotting. Can you please tell me how long they are? Cultured, faux, freshwater, etc? I have my eye on an 80" freshwater strand from Tiffanys, but have no idea without trying it on whether that is going to be way too long, etc. Thanks so much :) Pam