Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Perfect Tops For the Astrid Boucle' in Bright Berry

I have been searching for a shirt (other than white) to wear with my Astrid Boucle' Jacket in Bright Berry. I wanted to *match* it almost exactly to create a monochromatic upper body look that I will wear with Denim, Navy, Khaki, Stone, and White (when Spring arrives). I am happy to report that I have been successful in my search!!! The J.Crew Soft-rib short sleeve Scoopneck Tee, item #10609, in Bright Berry is a perfect match. The neckline is beautiful under the jacket, especially when layered with pearls and either the Crystal Snowball or Twisted Crystal Necklace. The tee is shown with the jacket in the first and second pictures.
Not only was the Scoopneck tee a complete success, but I also found the Ruffled Chiffon Top in Cyclamen, item #579812, at Old Navy that also looks beautiful. It is the same color as the deeper shade in the flower and fabric. It is really cute IRL and very flattering on, too. The ruffle peeks out from the bottom of the jacket, making the overall silhouette even more feminine. It's the top on the right in the picture below.
The next picture is the ON Chiffon Top closer to the flower. The top is currently available at in size M-XXL for $11.99.

The J.Crew Long Sleeve Scoopneck Tee also comes in Bright Berry, and I want to add that the Chiffon Rosette Tee in Blush also looks pretty with the jacket. I love the dark pink/light pink combination. :)

Do you own the Astrid Boucle' Jacket in Bright Berry? What are you wearing with yours?


  1. I do own this jacket and so far have only worn it with black, white, or gray underneath---but I will be trying the matching pink and the light pink! I particularly love the idea of the light pink for spring. :)

    I have not tried a pale tan but am considering it; I have pants and top that match exactly and they are a rose based tan not yellow based, so it might work. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Hey FFM: I'm LOVING your you know, I have your Polyvores downloaded to my email, so I haven't been to your blog...I'm a little behind the times!! Anyway, I have this jacket and I love your suggestions. What size did you get in the ON top? Does it run TTS?

    Also, I'm RUNNING to Target today to get the salmon Mossimo bag. I would love the Editor, but will wait until it goes on sale. In the meantime, this bag is a perfect substitute. Thanks, as always, for the enabling!!!! LOL!! Have a great day!

  3. I think I'm going to order this jacket. Do you mind me asking what size your jacket is?

  4. OT-I have so much more to say and ask (gotta run so I'll be back) but wanted to tell you and others that the Spring Lookbook (on the home page of J Crew) has the gal with zebra tee you liked. If you click on the gal, you will see they have an orange version online right now. I am not a fan of it but it will give you an idea. I think it may be cooler in the black coming out in March. Just an FYI!

  5. Good Morning Girls!

    HeatherB, the gray underneath the pink is such a pretty combination. I love the two colors together. :)

    Leslie, WELCOME!!! My ON top is a Medium, but I would prefer a Small, which was unavailable when I got it. The Medium is not overly big on me, but I am still going to consider taking it in a bit underneath the arms so it's a little more fitted on me in the bust area (since I am not well-endowed).

    Sooner_girl, this jacket is a size 2, but I also have the Charcoal in a size 4. The 2 is a little more fitted through the waist (which I like) and also more fitted in the shoulders, but not uncomfortably so.

    THANKS bug pin!!! I am in LOVE with that tee!!!! I even like it a lot in the Orange, too, but it's not even available to ship until mid March...ugh. The zebra is so sweet looking and cute. ;) The tee is definitely on my wishlist. :)

  6. I just ordered this jacket in green. Any matching suggestions?

  7. This looks great together FFM!! I went on to buy the J Crew tee, but they are sold out right now. Darn! Maybe tomorrow....

  8. FFM; Thank you so much for your creative ideas; I find them so inspirational. I'm excited to look for the target shoes you mentioned in a previous post to go with my cheri camisole. I noticed that you use alot of GAP jeans in your sets. Would you be so kind as to share the fit/sizing of GAP jeans compared with JCREW. I am usually a 2 in favorite fit and 4 in city fit, JCREW and I can't wear matchsticks but prefer a trouser fit. TIA

  9. Hi PBW! Congratulations on your jacket!! Do you happen to live near a J.Crew? I would suggest taking the jacket in to see if they have a color in the same golden avocado shade. I checked the website and there isn't anything currently available. I know the new arrivals have some new green shades, so you might be successful in matching one of them to the jacket. Let me know how bright the jacket is when you get it, and I'll be more than happy to help you try to find something. There is always the option of a white tank/tee and denim, which looks very casual chic. :) I also think both of your rosette tees could work. The tee is an unexpected twist underneath the jacket...I think it looks cute.

  10. Hi Anon@2:37! It sounds like we are the same size! :) My GAP Essential jeans are size 2R. I think I could possibly fit in the O, but then may have issues with the leg being tighter than I like. I have muscular thighs and a smaller waist so fitting pants is always tough. I usually size up to fit my legs and then have the waist taken in. The Essentials in size 2 fit great in the thigh, and are a little loose in the waist, but not so much so that I have taken them to be altered. I hope this helps you with your decision. :)

  11. Hi FFM!

    Love seeing the options with the bright berry! I wish I could have snapped up that color, however I was able to order the golden avocado color with the 30% off. Yay! I saw what you wrote for PBW, and was hoping if I give you some indication you might be willing to give interesting color suggestions as far as tshirts to pair with the jacket?

    I thanked Slastena for promoting your "Shop your Closet" idea, and kudos to YOU! It is very fulfilling to treasure things we already own; not just be excited about newly acquired things. Thank you for your talent and inspiration!

    Your blog just gets better and better!


  12. Hi Athena! I'd love to hear your description of the color on the Golden Avocado Astrid. :)

  13. Hi FFM!!! First let me say I LOVE what you are doing on your blog. My husband thinks I've lost it because I'm talking about you like your a personal friend. Yesterday he asked "How's FFM"! Poor guy has to listen to all my J Crew stories!

    Anyway, I have this Astrid in Pink and LOVE your suggestions. I haven't worn mine yet. I live in Michigan and its just all black snow everywhere. UHHH!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated! Take care MHJC!