Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Snow-Leopard Cardigan

The Snow-Leopard Cardigan *1* by FFM

The Snow-Leopard Cardigan *2* by FFM


  1. So lovely, as usual! I have the snow leopard tartine cardi in root from last fall, so I think that would work here also. And while I love the neutral palette since it showcases the print really well, do you have any suggestions for colors that might also be paired with it?

  2. I'm so happy to see that JCrew is still offering animal prints for 2009, especially snow leopard. It's beautiful and classic. Long live animal prints!!

  3. Hi Lolo! I should be receiving the sweater on Monday or Tuesday, and will post more colors or make another set showing more color options to wear with the sweater. I want to see it again IRL before making suggestions. :)

    SallyO: I completely agree!!! I love animal prints...especially leopard (it's my favorite). :)

  4. Thanks, FFM! I really value your opinion (...I also own two Maggies now - camel and deep yellow - and it is *very* rare for me to have multiples of such pieces! I would not have tried that jacket in the first place except for your rave reviews, and I intended to return one of them for a longest time but in the end I could not part with either of them! I also watch them on FS -- a third may be in my future if the price/promo is right). :-)

    I also just took a closer look at the new snow-leopard cardi online -- the differences from the tartine cardi appear to be the ruffles (obvious) and then the buttons. I have to stay that those new buttons are really, really lovely and add such nice sparkle! You must be excited for this new piece! Thanks again.

  5. Hey these are such cute outfits and guess what i got me a blog and it is Sunshine Sister.