Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wearing Today: 1.22.09

Wearing Today: 1.22.09 *Day*
Wearing Today: 1.22.09 *Day* - by FFM on

This is me at home today. It's chilly outside, but I'm warm and comfy inside. :)

Wearing Today: 1.22.09 *Evening Out*
Wearing Today: 1.22.09 *Evening Out* - by FFM on

It's still chilly in Florida today (YAY), so I'm wearing one of my *controversial* turtlenecks and my fabulous Maggie Jacket for my trip to J.Crew this evening. I'm going to see the new Spring Arrivals. :)


  1. The Ivory Maggie is gorgeous. I bet it looked beyond fabulous on you!

  2. Thank you Slastena! I'm heading out to my J.Crew this evening to check out the new Spring arrivals, and the Maggie is perfect for the weather we have today. :)

  3. I just discovered your blog. It's good to see someone as obsessed with fashion (j crew!) as much as I am. I love the outfits you put together. I have been looking for a cognac boot and found the ones in this photo on Zappos. Thanks!!!

  4. FFM, you have a positive sense of humor. :) Nice to see you make light of the t-neck after all those comments.

  5. I missed the comments about the turtlenecks! Could someone direct me to them?

    FFM, I love your outfits (including t-necks) - I'm just very curious about the "controversy"!