Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I'm Wearing Today: 1.8.09

What I'm Wearing Today: 1.8.09 by FFM


  1. You got your gap pants!!! How do you like them? Mine are supposed to come tomorrow...
    How did they fit?


    PS I still did not try on the salmon harper or the sandals...will report on those by weekend.

  2. Hi Suzy! The pants fit really great, although I did end up ordering petites because my size was sold out in the regulars. The length is still good...cropped higher above the ankle than the model in the picture, but still looks right. :) I love the color, and you really cannot beat the price! I don't usually buy pants with pockets on my pet-peeve area (thighs), but I loved the color and price on these so I went ahead, and I'm not disappointed at all. :)

  3. Cute outfit! I'm jealous that you can wear sandals. The most recent snowfall is just melting here in Vancouver, Canada. :)

  4. Thanks A Bigger Closet! I'm actually jealous that you're able to wear all the fabulous Winter clothing! ;) It's a little cooler here now and through the weekend, so I plan to finally wear my Ivory Maggie Jacket...YAY!!! Stay warm, and have a fabulous day! :)

  5. Hello FFM!
    Just thought I'd drop you an update, since you asked.

    The harper cashmere fit very well, and the salmon color looks true. It is very comfortable.

    The Palermo metallic sandals are beautiful, but I'm not really happy with the size. I wear 9H and had to order 10's (full sizes only). I'm not sure if I will be keeping them, as the straps across the toes are sewn tightly together and so they do not "spread apart" - and since they are a tad long on me, my baby toes are in danger of slipping out.

    My earrings arrived from Anthropologie (I will have to see if I was credited yet, b ut they did promise the credit for the sale price) and they are really beautiful, but I have to say they are MUCH LARGER than I pictured. (And I didn't think they were small!)
    The flowers are about 1 3/4" in diameter, and the stone drop is really large too, so in all they are a total length of just over 3 1/2 inches. They are not uncomfortable at all, but there is a little weight to them, so they stretch the earlobe a bit (which makes them hang longer, hahaha). All in all, I think they will look great with my big hat I'll be wearing on our vacation (have to since I have had previous melanoma).

    The gap pants are amazing for the price. They are a little loose, but I have lost some weight and am between sizes right now, so I am happy about that!

    have a great weekend!


  6. FFM: thanks for mentioning the Gap pants. I just rec'd my two pairs today. They were out of my size 6 (regular size) so I gave a size 8 (petite!) a try. To my surprise they worked out perfectly. The length looks good too believe it or not. They hit higher than the ankle but since the cut of the bottom of the pants is not too wide they look perfect. I actually like the length of them on me better than where they hit on the model's leg. The price is crazy inexpensive for some casual run around pants. Thanks again!

    (I posted this on Polyvore but copied here in case you don't view the polyvore set anytime soon.)

    Just Visiting

  7. Hi Just Visiting! Congratulations on the Gap pants! I also had to order a petite because my size in the regular length were sold out, and I also prefer the fit of them over that of the picture of the model. I'm so glad they worked out great for you! :)