Monday, February 9, 2009

The Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench aka *Keegan*: White

The Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench aka *Keegan*
The Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench aka *Keegan* - by FFM on

For: Smarty

The Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench aka *Keegan* Two
The Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench aka *Keegan* Two - by FFM on


  1. FFM-Love all your outfits. Was missing looking at them over the past weekend. I just received the Astrid Boucle jacket in berry today, and am alittle bummed out by the droopy flower. Did yours look limp and what can I do to perk it up? This is the first time I have received something from JCrew and have been a little disappointed.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Gigi,

    If you check Chloe's blog, she gives good details about how to fix that flower. I did the same thing (bascially, safety pin it up, spray starch on it, then blow dry the starch dry) and it worked perfectly.

  3. Hi Gigi! I actually just pinned mine with a Corsage pin the same way that you would a boutonniere. I held the flower in place where it *should* be, and then used the Corsage pin to hold it in place. I didn't have to starch or blow dry it at all. It looks really nice without a whole lot of work. :)

  4. Thank you-Lexieloo and FFM-I will give both a try:)

  5. I just recieved my Astrid Boucle jacket in avocado. That flower was very disappointing. I will also try pinning the top of the flower to the jacket to see if it works. Great sets ffm!

  6. I also threaded a little bit of the flower petals into the corsage pin which I think really helps with keeping it non-droopy. :)

  7. Hi!

    FFM, Great sets!!! Love them all! I especially love the set with the Buttercup Juliets, Fab! My style is very much simplistic with an interesting pop of color or hint of interest, and I truly love what you do!

    Gigi, I just got my Astrid boucle in golden avocado today, and LOVE IT! Using the sugestions of others I pinned the base of the flower (using the original pin) pointing straight upward, and then pinned the flower inside the jacket and through to the base of the petals with an extra pin I had on hand. Pinning it from inside the jacket additionally helps to support it to face up, and then it falls down and the petals are opening up perfectly! No spray starch necessary for mine!

    FFM, the golden avocado color is a beautiful, bright spring limey green is pretty much how I would describe it. Do you think yellow or aqua on top with khaki bottoms would be good paired with it?

    Thanks again!


  8. The avacado colour is so fab. I'd love to see some IRL pics. I bet it looks gorgeous with jeans. I ordered one in the berry colour this weekend - 49.99 - such a a steal. Thanks to you all I am now prepared to deal with the dead flower!