Monday, March 2, 2009

*The Match Game*

Once considered *taboo* or *showing your age* if you did it...Handbag and Shoe matching are back in style, and I am THRILLED!!! I believe it makes you, as well as your outfit, appear more polished and put together (which is why I never stopped). Many lines such as Bottega Veneta (shown in the pic below) and Cole Haan already have the *matching sets* in their current offerings.
The coordinating and *matching* also applies to all other accessories, such as earrings, stockings, bracelets, etc...see the Marc Jacobs pic below.
So what are your feelings about *The Match Game*? How do you feel knowing that things don't just have to *go*, but they can now actually *match*? Will you start matching your handbag and shoes? Did you ever stop?


  1. FFM: I love matching! It's funny, I just asked my daughter if my outfit was "too" matchy and she said no, you always match! I especially love the belt, shoe, bag match. Also, I miss your IRL photos, you did a great job, sorry about all the critics and mean people.

  2. I really like the idea of matching handbags and shoes, esp. if an outfit is a little on the bland side. I think matching really can give an outfit some pop! Thanks for posting!

  3. Wow! Shows how much I know about trends....I always try to match my shoes and my bag (and sometimes my scarf, if I'm wearing one). Glad it's back in style! :)

    **I also loved your IRL photos! So great to see how the fashions look on real people. And you always looked fabulous!

  4. I accessorize both ways - matching and not, but am glad that matching is *in* again.

    Great posts recently by the way FFM. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  5. I never stopped matching. I have tried a different handbag than shoes but I *have* to match my belt to my shoes or it drives me nuts.

  6. I'm not a big fan of being too matchy-matchy, but these pics are making me rethink this decision. Suddenly, it's tres chic to match bag/shoes/belt/pants. I love it. FFM, you are always keeping us up to speed with what's happening in fashion! Great post!

  7. I guess the nice thing about matching is that if/when it ever goes out of style, you can keep wearing the pieces, just not together. Especially the cute animal print!

  8. I try not to be too matchy-matchy too. Mainly because I don't have enough items to get everything to match! :)

    I did not know you stopped altogether from posting pic's of your styles in real life. I just figured you're busy w/life and you do it when you are able. Oh well I will miss them and hope you bring them back! :)

    Also, I got these comfy pants from Old Navy for $15.00:
    Women's Drawstring Twill pants item 609799
    . I'm sure you're on top of any hot items but wanted to return the favor since you help out so much! Have a great week!

  9. hi FFM, i am usually not matchy-machty, but i might try the pictures.
    i love your blog and espescially the IRL pictures. you just have a natural sense of style and i am trying to learn from you.
    OT i just got the stone bead neclace in golden avocado as a gift and i am not sure what colors to wear it with.
    i also got the patent belt in blush and dont know if i can wear it with all shades of pink?
    TIA ina

  10. I think it is all about personal style. I don't match my shoes to bags and sometimes have to work hard at not being matchy matchy. :) I also think that matching is more than colors of the handbag/shoes, it can be matching pant style to shoe. I love mixing it up and pairing a chunky platform with a cafe capri style pant, or a thin ankle strap sandal with my rolled boyfriend jeans.

    I love the photos you posted and the matching they did is fresh. There are a lot of textures going on with the fabrics and textiles and I think it really adds to the overall look and gives it an edge to the matching. IMHO :)

    Thanks for all of the fun postings.

  11. I would not touch that look!!!

  12. I actually like the matching of items! Granted "it depends" on how its done sometimes, but in general it looks good.

    I have lots of prints from J.Crew, that are the same print but in various forms (e.g. bag matches headband, that matches flats)- and I love it! :)

  13. Oh my I never knew matching went out of style. I have always felt it was a fashion option. Now that we have multi shades of one color it can be challenge to get an exact match. I like the photos you shared. When I think of matching purses and shoes I remember I'm getting old. ha ha ha!

  14. Maybe it's just because it's simple, or may it's because it makes sense to me, but I have and will continue to match. :)