Friday, March 6, 2009

My J.Crew Shopping Bag

Here are the current items in my J.Crew Shopping...oh how I WISH they would offer another % off, or else markdown the items even further in price... unfortunately, I really can't justify or afford purchasing any of these items...but I can still look and wish...

Havona Tank: Item beautiful and PERFECT for Florida! I'm not sure if I will need a 0 or 2, so I'd love to try it on before it goes to Final Sale...

Broadcloth Scalloped Shell: Item #12548White High Heel Flare Jeans: Item #99773
Crocodile Coctail Jacket: Item #12154
Fireball Drop Earrings: Item #14643
Canvas Atelier Jacket: Item #13105
Chiffon Pleated Cardigan: Item #99829 *I already own this in Putty and ADORE it.*

So what is in your Shopping Bag? Are you holding off on purchases for another % off code or further markdowns? I'd love to hear what you are wishing for. :)

*FYI: J.Crew no longer allows Educator Discount to be combined with a Free Shipping code...ABSURD, IMHO.


  1. Silk-Pleated Ruffle Tank, Cotton-Cashmere Ruffle Cardigan and Jacinda Jacket. I want them all!!!! Can anyone comment on fit or look of any of these items? Would appreciate it. Thanks

  2. I'm loving the Frenchie Slicker, white denim boot cut jeans and the ruffled scoopneck tee. I'm shamefully in love with bows, so I am a fan of this season's peep toe heels too =)

    First-time commenter! Found you through Preppy in the City!

  3. Frenchie Slicker, Boyfriend Military Jacket and a couple of Jackie twinsets.

    I love the 3rd piece from J.Crew.

  4. The items in my shopping bag are:

    Petite summerweight chino cocktail capri (12427) in white & dark charcoal

    Dazzling-dots pencil skirt (11804)

    Sunshine bracelet (14375)

    Fireball drop earrings (14643)

    Cotton cady Sydney dress (11830) in clover

    I am definitely waiting for a deep % off, or sale.... as much as I love these items, I can't justify paying full price. I just ordered a few things that were on my list for awhile, but have just recently went on sale.

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  6. Hello purplesweettarts, SouthernAspiratonal, Georgia Girl and Marietta! Thanks for sharing your shopping bags...all of your items sound fabulous!

    purplesweettarts: I have seen the Cotton-Cashmere Ruffle Cardigan IRL, but didn't try it on. It reminds me of the Jackie Cardigan, and I think I remember someone on JCA commenting that the fit was similar to the Jackie Cardi, as well. Have you tried calling CS to get actual garment measurements on your items? That's usually what I do when I'm not sure, especially if it's a final sale item. Then they are more likely to let you return it if it doesn't fit. HTH!

    SouthernAspirational: Welcome! I actually tried on the Frenchie Slicker and the ruffled scoopneck tee. I found the Ruffled Scoopneck Tee to run large, so definitely size down. Btw...I also love bows...ruffles, too! :)

    Georgia Girl: I tried on the Military Jacket...VERY cute, but also runs large, so size down. I am also a big fan of the Jackie Twinsets. :)

    Marietta: Great items! I would also love to have the Dazzling Dots pencil skirt if I knew I would be able to wear it more pretty!

  7. Hi FFM, great topic for a post! I have actually just splurged on the Cate slingbacks (the pretty patent dusty pink) and the Zebra Tee in store so I'm really holding off for a % off or new markdowns before buying new stuff. But here is what I'm eyeing:
    Grey surplus matchstick jean (item 13359). Tried them on and loved them but between a pair of jean at $135 and the Cate, I chose the Cate (they were a little bit cheaper). They looked amazing with the zebra T though!
    Colored-chambray cocktail capri (rose): I have the stretch chino and love them, but I love chambray this season!
    Rolling-ruffle tank. My size is sold-out online, waiting until it goes on sale to buy in store (if it solds out I'm not going to be mad).
    Ruffle-collar trench: I love it (so Burberryesque) but I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it a lot.
    So I'm going to buy it only if it's a steal.
    Fireball-charm necklace and the earrings: I really, really want the necklace so I think that I won't resist and I'm going to buy it FP one of these days but I'm going to get the earrings too if the price goes down.

  8. I love all of your outfits! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Love your blog. Your outfits are in inspiration. I am keeping my eye on the hudson shell fresco top,Crocodile cocktail cardigan, and spiral tank. I am also on the hunt for the snow leopard cardigan. Of the crocodile or snow leopard which do you is more versatile?

  10. I love all wishlist items. As for me, I splurged and bought many things on my wishlist, but since most of the items I purchased are for spring and it's still on the cool side here and too cold to wear, I plan to hold onto them and then return them for the sale price. I purchased them before they went on sale because gosh darn, by the time i get to most of my wishlist items they are sold out in my size! Hopefully within the next 30 days I will be able to get a credit as I am sure the merchandise will go on sale. Secondly, I purchased them before my self imposed shopping ban which started today. Pray for me. I need to spend less and save more. My reward, the Catalina sandals. Oh how they make my heart beat. (smile)

  11. LOVE your fact, I've become a bit obsessed. Stopped into JC today very quickly, thought the Saturday pant looked very comfy, loved the broadcloth scalloped shell (esp in the navy with black), also like the wide patent leather jeans belt (not sure which color). I saw a wide brown leather belt with a round gold buckle on a mannequin but can't find it on their website.

  12. Love putting together wishlists! Currently, my J Crew shopping bag ideally would be: Frenchie slicker, Crocodile cocktail jacket, Saturday pants, Chambray cocktail capris, and the pique v-neck ruffle dress in tea rose! I really like the earrings you picked out too!

  13. FFM, I adore all of the pieces on your list. I would only add a Frenchie slicker to this. :) I ordered the Chiffon Pleated cardi recently after I saw your pictures - it looked so elegant on you. I ordered it in navy (putty was sold out).

  14. I keep looking at the tissue rolling ruffles tank in's not too pricey, but I'm holding out in hopes of a sale. I think it would be so pretty with denim or white denim.

  15. Silk Ribbon Chain Link
    Washed Ruffle Collar Trench
    Havona Tank
    Stretch Cotton Sateen Promenade Pant

  16. I like all of the items pictured! Great pics!

    You have mentioned FS and student/teacher discount is no longer allowed. Does it include red phone orders too?TIA!

  17. While I know I won't be purchasing all of these, here's my shopping cart:

    cashmere argyle vest

    jackie cardigan in misty lavender and bright fuschia

    ringspun ruffle short sleeve painter henley in aqua green

    faille maisey jacket in dark charcoal

    cafe capri in british khaki and white

    bistro pant in navy and black

    satin rosette metallic capri sandals in cool graphite

    cluster ring in black

    fireball earrings and charm necklace

    broadcloth scalloped shell in buff

    cotton cashmere bouquet cardigan in light pewter

    augusta ballet flats in faded aqua

    canvas atelier jacket in light pewter

    flora capri sandals in pale gold

    My, oh my, that's a lot of items, isn't it? :) I am hoping that my b&m has some of these items to try on so I know for sure what will work for me.

  18. Hi FFM,
    I am eyeing the chiffon pleated cardi too. Could you comment on the fit? Is it TTS?
    Thank you!!!

  19. Ohhhh my wish list has shrunk as I have NO will power and have already purchased lots of Spring items - mainly all the Saturday pants colors and 3 colors in the featherweight cashmere sets. Oh - and the Coronation Cuff that just blew me away! So what is left...

    Joley Patent Peep Toes - Soft Seashell

    Satin Metallic Rosette Capri sandals - Pewter

    Beatrice Tumbled Leather Driving Mocs - Pebble

    Butterfly bauble bracelet

    Pearl Flower Ring

    Victoria Cami - Butterscotch and Melon

    Nolita jacket

    That's it for now...


  20. The Avignon Silk Peep Toes in Flamingo are gorgeous...
    and the Frenchie Slicker in Papaya is dreamy...but my pockets are too lean for either...
    and so will live happily without them!

  21. I have a metallic diamond jacquard skirt, meringue top, fresco sweater and jacquard jubilee shorts. They have 30% off on shorts so I think I will get them.

  22. The broadcloth shell is very cute, I saw it in person.
    My shop cart are full, there is picture of the shoes that I really want on my blog but I don't have another option, I have to wait for sale or some discount.
    I also want :
    Beaded chiffon glisse cami
    Daphne Dress
    Penelope Dress
    Cafe Capri
    Hexagon Jacquard Mini
    Mahali Dot Short
    Few necklaces
    the list is endless.... :(

  23. Good Morning Everyone! Thank you so much for sharing your wishlists! Now let's hope for some more markdowns and a really FABULOUS % off promo! ;)

    amers72(amy): I also love the hudson fresco shell...SO pretty! I think both the Crocodile jacket and snow leopard cardigan are very versatile, so I would say it will depend on the climate you live in, as to which one you will get more use out of. Living in Florida, I will be able to use the cardigan more often, but if the Crocodile jacket is still around after deep markdowns, I will definitely try to get it. :)

  24. slastena: I don't know about red phone orders. My PS said that the educator can now only be combined with an extra % off, and not Free Shipping. I asked her to fill out a customer feedback form for me to let J.Crew know how absurd and customer un-friendly I think this is. I just feel as if they are making it harder and harder for customers to get a good deal and WANT to shop with them. I miss the days of free shipping/no minimun AND the % off being automatic without a could REALLY get fabulous bargains then...

  25. Anon @10:29: I do think the Chiffon Pleated Cardigan is TTS. The one I have is a Small, and it fits me nicely. (I also wear a Small in the Jackie Cardigans). HTH! :)

  26. Thanks for the feedback. Think I will be getting the crocodile cardigan since the snow leopard is a bit pricey on ebay. Would wear a cardigan more often in sunny So. Cal as opposed to the jacket.

  27. I just found your blog and love it! And btw, the High Heel Flare jeans are final sale now :)

  28. OOH, we have a few of the same items sitting in our shopping bags...and we wear the same size too. It will be a fight to order first when the extra % off code is offered!!

    I really want those fireball earrings, will they ever go on sale?

  29. I just got back from my b&m and I was able to try on quite a few things from my list. The thing I love the most is the scalloped shell. It is such a flattering top! I will definitely be buying this at some point. I also love the cotton cashmere bouquet cardigan. So pretty and feminine. This is another must buy. I tried on the boyfriend pants, which were not on my list, but I'd heard such good things about them that I decided to give them a try. I actually liked them. If they had been on sale today, I would have bought them. The surprise thing was that I took a 2 - a 2!!! I haven't been a size 2 ever! These definitely run big. I don't like the bistro pants. They're just not for me. I prefer a little wider leg. Something was just a little off for me. I also tried on the boyfriend tissue tee and it runs big as well. I like it, but won't buy any unless there are some around after some markdowns. All full price shoes were 25% off, but they didn't have any that I want. They had to send back the flower capri sandal in all colors but rose - bummer.

    Billy was back. He hadn't been there the last 4 times I was there and I was afraid he had left. He is worried about his job and is considering trying to work part time as a teacher (which is what he used to do). He said the next 6 months will tell. Evidently JC is the busiest store on King Street, but they're still pretty empty through the week. He also told me that this would be good for me, as most items will hang around until markdown. He suggested I wait on the shell, since there are so many of them and it's not an item I'll wear right now.

  30. Oh, I forgot to tell you FFM that I purchased the white HHF. They were marked down to 29.99 and I really like them. Except for the fact that they're about 7 inches too long! I'll have to hem them for sure - even if I want to hear them with high heels. :)

    Billy told me quite a while ago that I couldn't use my teacher discount and free shipping from the red phone. So, he told me to order with free shipping, then return it and they'd ring it with my discount. HTH

  31. Yes, I just found out that free ship and educator's discount combination are no longer allowed. That is absurd; I agree! I cancelled my order.

  32. P.S.
    My online PS will not combine a % off and the educator's discount as well. I need to find a new PS???? She said she checked with a supervisor too and this is the rule.

  33. What a great topic! It has been fun reading about everyones shopping cart.

    I have already purchased my favorite items for Spring/Summer, Saturday Pants,
    Bermuda Shorts,
    Cocktail Capri,
    Critter Tee (Seahorse),
    Deco Dot Cardi,
    Tissue Boyfriend Tees (they run big)

    So I am on a shopping ban now until the Summer rollout, and even then I will only purchase a couple of small things.

  34. FabulousFloridaMommy; thank you for clarification! It is really disheartenting to see more and more restrictions being enforced upon loyal customers. Oh, well - helps my willpower, if nothing else.:)

  35. FFM- Thanks for the sizing info on the chiffon pleated cardi!

    Also same as Math Teacher mentioned, my store manager is also happy to return my online purchases and ring them w/ educator discount so I can get free shipping.


  36. Hi FFM: I was just at Nordstrom Rack and they have the exact fireball earrings for $15.97. They are Nordstrom brand probably even better quality than the J Crew pair. They were so pretty (I would have gotten them but I don't have my ears pierced). If you don't have a Nordstrom Rack close to you I would be happy to go back and get them for you. I knew they were on your wish list and I got so excited. :)

  37. Hi lcsmom! That would be SO ABSOLUTELY FANSTASTIC AND FABULOUS if you would get me a pair! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We don't have a Norstrom Rack here yet (supposedly one is opening this Spring), so if you are willing to go back, then I would LOVE to have a pair. I can Paypal you the money, just email me your Paypal information. Thank you again! I truly appreciate it! :)

  38. Math Teacher: Congratulations on the High Heel Flares! I think they are going to be so perfect for this Spring and Summer!

    Also thanks to you and Allie for the information about the stores applying the educator discount after the fact...that is good to know. I think my store would probably be willing to do that for me, too.

    Allie, you are welcome for the sizing information...what color are you getting?

    Liz: WELCOME!!! Thank you for the info on the HHF jean, too! :)

    Julia: Too funny about fighting to order! ;) Luckily most of the items in my shopping bag still have plenty in stock, so I can afford to wait it out at this point.

    Anon @2:08/2:12: I don't blame you for cancelling the order at all...the whole ordeal with J.Crew and their lack of code combining is ludicrous. I sure hope my PS allows the % off and educator the next time they have the promotion. She said it was still allowed when I emailed her on Thursday, but it seems as if the *rules* change at J.Crew continuously.

    Thank you again everyone for sharing your lists! I think it is so much fun to know what everyone else is getting, or at least hoping to get! :)

  39. Oh...where to start? I want it all! But here are some favorites in my bag right now:
    *3" chino short in sweet cantaloupe
    *daphne dress - LOVE the cut on this.
    *Frenchie slicker
    *boyfriend military jacket
    *tissue rolling ruffles tank...

    and so many more! Keep all the great ideas coming, FFM!

  40. Hi FFM,

    I am so glad to help. I can get there on Monday, possibly tomorrow. I will email you as soon as I pick them up. So fun!!

  41. That sounds perfect lcsmom! Thank you are absolutely WONDERFUL! :)

  42. FFM - I have to tell you that we have almost identical wish lists / recent purchases...

    - Havona tank: I'm still not sold on this... concerned about the sheerness some have alluded to. I would be interested to see some ideas for wearing it in a professional way.

    - Scalloped shell: just got this in white. It is so flattering on! Love it.

    - white high heel flares: recently got these. :)

    - Crocodile jacket: finally broke down and got this recently. It's great!

    - fireball earrings: I had somehow missed these! Hmmm...

    - Atelier jacket: I'm sure you have figured out that this jacket is the same style as the croc jacket. I tried this on in white and the store and got it. I'm thinking I'll get a lot of use out of it this summer. Look forward to seeing your ideas with it.

    - navy pleated cardigan: Just like you, I love my putty one so much that I have been seriously considering getting this from FS!

  43. math teacher,
    That is great that you can get the discount at your store by returning and rebuying. That is great!

    Yes, all these restrictions on online ordering/discount combining has really gotten to me. I mean why have discounts and then make it so hard for people??? Other online stores I shop at are very customer friendly. Oh well. I am saving money as I no longer have a JCrew B & M near me. JCrew used to my favorite store for many years. I have so much now I can afford to take a break from them for a while!

  44. To above--yes I am with you on taking a break from shopping and shopping "my closet" and am finding that ALOT of things that catch my eye in the new catalogue's are soooo similar to things I already have...hey...atleast my taste is consistent, right??!!! The Economy situation is helping me prioritize and slow down with the "J Crew buying." Only if it's a real standout piece for me right now will I pay that kind of money...My last purchase on E-Bay was a stroke of luck when I was able to get the Frankie Purse in Salmon for a fraction of retail. (I'm soo happy...oh sooo happy!) This purse is keeping me content at the moment as it is ahhh-mazing and will go with everything and is spicing up all my outfits nicely!!!
    The point of this blog...some of us may want to shop our closet these days and be hapy with what we already posess!!!

  45. luvthingsjcrew,
    Sounds like you have great perspective on this whole economy and shopping...yes, I agree with you...I find myself rebuying similar items and while my taste is consistent too it seems silly to pay money for something almost like something I already own! Shopping my closet is good. I still have tags on things not worn from a year ago. That is bad! So either I don't love the item or have too many clothes to begin with. Time for a break!

  46. P.S.
    Your bag sounds lovely. Nothing like a nice standout accessory to make me happy too!

  47. Thanks's almost like a a a breath of fresh air to relax about shopping...
    Let's keep on "shopping our closet" for a while and see what great outfits we can come with!!!
    I too have items hanging in there with tags on them!!! C-r-A-z-Y!!!

    FFM...thanks for all your tips and finds at Target...I just distressed a pair of Gap Essentials and they came out pretty good! thanks for the idea!

  48. P.S. for anyone needing help in staying "relaxed" a bit about shopping...try the website for free wonderful yoga classes delivered daily...

  49. FFM, I love everything in your cart! I have a few things in mine waiting patiently for a code. I'd like to pick up the broken in chinos and the sunray necklace in both colors. I think the necklaces will go with so many spring and summer things I already own. I would also love the cotton cashmere ruffled cardi with the short sleeves in several colors. All these things will need to be on sale for me to bite, though.

  50. Dear FFM, pardon me for asking, but how tall are you? You said you love the jackie cardigans. I'm tempted, but at 5'9", I fear they will resemble a shrunken sweater. Has anyone else with my height had any luck w/the Jackies? The cashmere version tempted me as I am a sucker for all J Crew things cashmere. Thanks!

  51. Hi anon @9:06! I don't mind the question at all...I am fairly short at only 5'4", and the Jackie Cardigans hit me just slightly above the hips. The Snow-Leopard cardigan fits me the same as the Jackie cardigan does, and I have IRL pictures of me in it...hopefully they will help to give you a better idea. Click Here . HTH! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  52. The Jackie Cardi is rather short on taller as well as big bust women from what I have seen irl. My coworker who is both ordered two and thank goodness she got the shell. I was shocked at the length!

  53. FFM: Your thumbs up for the Havona tank gave me the final push to order it today. There only 9 left in size 0, so I had to act fast!

    Love your blog, your impeccable style, and inspirational words. Thank you!

  54. Good Morning anon@10:53! Congratulations on the Havona Tank! I would love to hear what you think about it IRL when you receive it. I know others have said it is sheer, but I really think there are ways to work around that. ;) Did you size down or purchase your regular size? I know the size 0 is getting limited, and I don't know if I need a 0 or 2...there are still plenty of size 2 in stock, though.

  55. FFM-I think the Havona top is going to be a show stopper on you with your hair and skin tone!
    Congrats on this purchase...

  56. Good Morning luvallthingsjcrew! I wanted to first say I think it is really FABULOUS that you are shopping your closet and really feeling content with what you have...what a liberating feeling! :)

    Second, thank you for the kind words about the Havona tank, but I haven't purchased it yet. I would really LOVE to, but I really can't afford the price it is at now. I WOULD like to get it to try it on for size, but would actually have to wait for a markdown in price before I could actually contemplate keeping it.

  57. Ohhh....I hope you do get it at some point...that top is "ALL YOU!"
    I was walking my dog yesterday and had a visual flash of you in that top and thought that would really look great on you!!!
    I did get an email with the free shipping for orders over $150.00 today...but am not ordering anything for awhile.
    I did get a pair of Collection Fifty Nine shoes off ebay...a wood slide with a flower in aqua! These are beautiful!

  58. Collection Fifty Nine "Ireanne" shoe--in case you are interested in checking this shoe out!
    I have bought some new shoes...for spring...but that's it for awhile...I don't NEED anything...although I may WANT somethings (like the Victoria ruffle in Butterscotch--wink wink).
    thanks again for the idea of distressing the jeans with the tool from Target...much appreciated

  59. Collection Fifty Nine "Ireanne" shoe--in case you are interested in checking this shoe out!
    I have bought some new shoes...for spring...but that's it for awhile...I don't NEED anything...although I may WANT somethings (like the Victoria ruffle in Butterscotch--wink wink).
    thanks again for the idea of distressing the jeans with the tool from Target...much appreciated

  60. I have about 6 items in my shopping bag. What I want to know is whethere anyone has figured out how to buy some items in their shopping bag and saving others for later (like a sale, discount, free shipping). If I want to buy one item in my bag I have to delete the rest and then go back in and find them and save them again. and other sites allow a customer to save items for later and I really wish I could do so in J Crew.

  61. The Havona tank is not sheer at all. My friend wears it with a nude strapless bra and it was OK. It's not even as sheer as the solid color frances blouse.

    The model's look sheer because of the direct studio lights, but even so only the top of her shorts showed through. I don't see any problems with the bust area. The floral print helps a lot to camouflage whatever sheerness you may be worried about.

    I'm a 0 in the victoria ruffle cami and most of JC's top so I went with that. I think 2 would have been too big. I could always exchange it for a 2 if it really is too small. Plenty of 2 left, but only nine left in the 0. I'm not sure if my order would even ship! I think Slastena ordered a 4 and 6 but found the 4 to be TTS.

    Teacher's discount: When I called to place my order on Sunday with the free shipping code, the SA refused to give me my teacher's discount. So I said forget it. Went online, placed the order and called back and got another SA who didn't hesitate a sec to give me my teacher's discount. If she had said no, I would just go online and cancel my order. I have 20 minutes. HTH!!

    And FFM, you're probably sick of hearing this but I just have to say it again: LOVE, LOVE your style and blog!

    Math teacher: Is that you? Remember me? How have you been?

    - Vivian

  62. Vivian - yes I remember you! How have you been? I've missed reading your comments and hearing about what you've bought. I hope everything is going well for you. :)

  63. COrrection: Havona tank in size 0 - only 2 left. The website says 8, but SA told me that the online number doesn't reflect the latest update. There are only 30-something left in size 2.

  64. FFM: You said you tried the Frenchie slicker. What's your verdict? Is is TTS? TIA!

    - Vivian

  65. Math teacher: Hey you! I missed reading your posts. I've been fine, been busy and trying to shop less. I get tempted whenever I visit JC blogs. How have you been? It sounds like you're enjoying the Spring roll-out!

  66. Gigi has a review of the Frenchie slicker and IRL photos. It doesn't look like a keeper to me.

  67. Vivian: I'm busy too. This is my last semester of grad school and I'm interning while trying to keep up with my own classes at school. I'll be glad when May is here! :)

    I haven't bought much of the new line, but I do like quite a few things. We'll see. I'm also trying to buy less. "Trying" being the key word.

  68. Hi Vivian! It is SO fantastic to see you post again! Thank you for the kind words about my blog...I am so pleased you are enjoying it! :) I'm going to post some more tips on *Shopping Your Closet*, *Looks For Less*, and updating on a limited budget in the next couple of weeks, so I hope you be sure to check back. :)

    Thank you for the heads up on the Havona Tank and the tip about the Educator discount, too.

    I did try on the Frenchie Slicker and think it is TTS, maybe a wee bit on the larger side. I was able to wear a size 0 with just a tee underneath, but would size up to a 2 if I were to get it because the shoulders were more comfortable in the larger size. I think it is cute, but not *Full Price Cute*...I would wait for sale to get it.

  69. Should be *you'll be sure to check back*, not *you be sure*...I should have spell checked. ;)

  70. Hi there FFM,

    Love your Blog. I now read it as often as J.CrewAficionada. Your style is fantastic.

    I have been toying with the idea of ordering the Fireball earrings, but I'm waiting. I love them. I actually have been on the hunt for the Crystal Snowball Necklace and have had NO luck. Do you have any idea where I may search? JCrew has done a 'FindIt' for me with no luck either. Did you end up getting the Nordstrom Look-A-Likes?

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog and ideas.

  71. Hi Irene! Thank you so much for the encouraging words...I truly appreciate them! :)

    As for the Snowball necklace...I found one listed on Ebay: Click Here , but haven't seen any others around anywhere. Have you asked on JCA in the weekly exchange to see if someone might want to sell theirs? I had noticed that every now and then one would pop up in Final Sale at, but haven't checked the morning updates in awhile.

    I haven't received the Nordstrom earrings yet, but lcsmom mailed them out to me today, so I should get them by the end of this week. I will be sure to post about them with pics once they arrive. :)

  72. Hi Again,

    Thanks for the tip...I'll check out ebay for the necklace and put out a 'call' to see if anyone would like to part with one they have on JCA. Can't wait to see and read your review on the Nordstrom Rack earrings. Hope they work out for you.

  73. I love seeing what is in your shopping bag. Love the crocodile cocktail jacket and the canvas atelier. I think my absolute favorite is the broadcloth scalloped shell - I feel like it is such a versatile piece.

    My favorite spring pieces are definitely that scalloped shell, the canvas atelier jacket, the zebra critter tee (the plain one, not the beaded ones), and the birdcage and butterfly necklaces.

  74. Anony/Vivian,

    The first rep you got was following correct JCrew policy. No free shipping and educator's discount. The second rep did not know what she was doing. You just got lucky.

    Supervisors and my PS did confirm this multiple times and it is JCRew's policy (for now) not to combine free shipping and educator's discount. FFM has had the same experience.