Sunday, March 15, 2009

*Off to the Races*

*Off to the Races*...Look One
*Off to the Races*...Look One - by FFM on

*Off to the Races*...Look Two
*Off to the Races*...Look Two - by FFM on

For: Lindsey B...options for The Kentucky Oaks


  1. Really cute outfits, but if you've ever been to the races, you know that you can't wear heals. Flats or wedges only or your heals will sink into the grass and make you look like a newbie, and walk ridiculously :) I'm always challenged by what to wear to the races, so I appreciate this post!

  2. Hi anon @3:26! No, I have not been fortunate enough to attend, but the JCA I did the sets for said that she plans to wear heeled sandals, and is also taking flat sandals to change into during some point of the day. :)

    Are you going this year?

  3. And you need a big hat for Oaks or Derby Day!

  4. Anon 3:26 says ...
    I go to the Gold Cup outside of DC. It's held on Derby Day and great fun. JCA's flats will rule the day. And Erin, you are right, got to do the hat!

    Funny thing is seeing the men in all their JCrew. It's a sea of madras shorts and polos, searsucker blazers, docksiders and weejuns ... a JCrew "live" mens catalog! Tasty :)

  5. Oh, meant to add: I've never been to Churchill Downs, but here at the California tracks unless you're going into the paddock (i.e. you know an owner) everything's paved, so heels would be fine. No grass to sink into.

  6. I love the pinwheel cardigan, fraying wheels & all. Love the 1st styling in particular.

  7. I bought 2 of that BR monogram top you feature here from the recent BR/Gap/ON in silver and one in blue. Haven't received yet but I think they will be very versatile.