Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning: Letter from a *Fabulous Working Mommy*

Look Thirty-Nine
Look Thirty-Nine - by For P.L. on

Kinzie Printed Calf-Hair Peep-Toes *Look 1*
Kinzie Printed Calf-Hair Peep-Toes *Look 1* - by For P.L. on

Lucegirl, who is a client of mine thought you might be interested in taking your Spring Cleaning to a new level, and asked me to post the following **testimonial** in the event anyone out there needs help 'Shopping their Closet'..." *On the topic of Spring Cleaning, I just wanted to throw out to all you followers of FFM, that I recently enlisted her to **virtually** clean/organize/upgrade my closet. Starting the end of last year, right around the time of TURKEY, JINGLE and HOHOHO...I went a little nuts, okay a lot nuts. I had just given birth to my second son and nothing cures the post-partum blues more than a little, okay, a lot, of retail therapy (but I am not totally to "blame" - thank you J Crew Afficionada!). The boxes started arriving, and I found myself with a big giant mess on my hands. I love to shop, but I am not a fashionista. I stumbled upon FFM's blog one day of fierce research about how to assemble a J Crew outfit and "ah ha" - the magic of FFM and Polyvore. So I contacted FFM and said "Can you help me bring order out of chaos?". Specifically I needed "Mommy outfits" (pajamas and flips not a good look) and "Professional outfits" for returning to work (I am an attorney). FFM is as gracious a person you will ever know. She completely transformed my wardrobe and is a delight to work with. We are geographically distant, so this was all accomplished on-line. Her consulting rates are very reasonable, and I am getting so much more wear out of items I didn't know what to do with, so it is definitely worth it!! Now getting dressed is EASY and FUN!!! I printed out all the sets and have them organized in a binder for easy reference in the morning (slightly OCD I know but with 2 little kids it's necessary...). So, I thought I would invite you all into the "closet" she made for me. Also, I live in Southern California, so many of my sets can be worn year round ...Enjoy!*

To get a peek into Lucegirl's closet, click the following links:
Closet Makeover for a *Fabulous Working Mommy*
, Resort Vacation , Resort: Husband , Resort: The Littles , as well as many others .

I want to personally say a big THANK YOU to Lucegirl for taking the time to write this. She is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with, fun and adventurous, as well...a true *Fabulous Working Mommy*! :)


  1. FFM - What a fantastic job you did for Lucegirl! Most impressive... Love it!!

    Lucegirl - you have some fantastic clothes and now you have the amazing options to make them work for you. Hope you love it all!!

  2. This is so cool! And as a fellow attorney who just had a baby (and also went on a post-partum shopping binge at J.Crew!), I am really inspired! FFM, I will be contacting you! :)

  3. I love all the outfits! Question. The shoe listed on resord day 1,2 & $ says it's silver, but it looks like the gold one. Which one did you advise? Thanks

  4. HeidiG, liz, and Anon @6:58: Thank you so much! :)

    Anon@6:58: The sandals are actually the Gold pair, but when the picture was saved to Polyvore it tagged it as Silver for some reason.

  5. This is so amazing! Love the options FFM created out of your current clothing. I need to work on acquiring some decent clothing so I can hire FFM to create a virtual closet for myself. :)

  6. FFM - I'm new to this blog. Love how inspirational you are. I don't have time (or talent, truthfully) to put outfits together, and I love how you inspire me. Thanks!! OT - Any chance you know of someone who has a small snow leopard cardigan that I can purchase?

  7. What a nice post! I've seen her on polyvore and love knowing more about her background now. You are such a sweetheart...

  8. Amers72, Anon@10:20, Carrie, and Gigi: THANK YOU!!!

    Anon@10:20: Welcome and thank you for the kind words! I don't know of anyone offhand that has the snow leopard cardigan, but I would suggest posting on the JCA weekly exchange that you are looking for one...perhaps there is someone looking to sell. :)

  9. FFM - you rock!!!...I love it.

    Lucegirl - you have fantastic clothes and jewelries.Dont worry, we've all been there Post partum shopping binge.

  10. I'm so impressed! How do you go about doing this for people? Do they just email you some of their favorite pieces already in their closet? The reason I have a hard time getting out the door in the morning is that I can never seem to put an outfit togther. Do you do this for men too?

  11. Also, wanted to ask if it's just clothes from JCrew that you put togther.

  12. Wow, what a fabulous post. Fab Working Mommy had some great things to work with. FFM, another job superbly done!!! I think you are making the world a more beautiful place!

  13. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your for the online closet: either links to the items, polyvore pictures, or photos of the actual pieces in the client's closet are emailed to me, and then I load them into a Polyvore virtual closet. I can also work with someone's existing Polyvore account, as well. The sets are not exclusive to J.Crew...I can create outfits from other retailers/designers, as well. I am also able to style for men and children. I worked with lucegirl to find pieces for her husband to wear on their vacation, and then styled the sets for those items...she's given permission to link to his sets, but says "don't tell my husband he's been outed on FFM's blog". ;) He was definitely pleased with the purchases and outfits...lucegirl is thrilled to have him wear pieces on a casual basis that she loves for him, as well. To see his sets click
    here .

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions. :)