Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Color to Wear with Citron Yellow?

This post is in response to a question asked the other day:

*I have two light summer dresses (I'm in Florida too) from last year in the citron yellow color. Both dresses are from last year in sort of a bumpy cotton (can't remember the exact term). I really love this color but I'm not sure what to pair it with if I want to wear a cardigan or something over it.

What color would you pair the citron yellow with? Thanks!*

Here are my color choices to pair with Citron:

Light Pewter
Bright Berry
Charcoal Grey

Citron Yellow for a monochromatic look

*I would suggest even trying it with Dark Aquamarine or Turquoise, similar to the colors of the Havona Tank. I know that tank has Golden Cypress in it, but I think the same concept of color can be translated using Citron and Dark Aquamarine, instead.

Are you a Citron Yellow girl? Do you have any other color suggestions that you wear with it and would like to share?


  1. This is such great advice! I always struggle with what to wear with bright yellow - thank you FFM!!

  2. FFM--Love Citron yellow, I wear it a lot in the summer. I completely agree with the grey pairing. I also enjoy wearing it with tan colors...helps bring the tone down a notch. That color root made by j crew in all the patent shoes and belts would be a lovely match.

    Thanks for helping ladies who have struggles with this color. I don't want to be the only one wearing this color! :)

  3. I LOVE citron. I have 2 coats (one vintage), a skirt, tees, tanks, blazer, dress, shoes, and about 6 different sweaters in various shades of citron. I like it with gray, navy, ivory. Royal blue/royal purple also pair nicely with citron. Even orange sometimes works.

  4. This is all great advice. I will take all this in mind next time I wear Citron Yellow. It is such a pretty color for spring and summer! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the advice...I have a citron (at least I think it's very bright yellow) jackie cardi and have been afraid to wear it!

    And now I have another yellow-related question for you! You know the skirt I wrote about yesterday on my blog? The ATL one? I'm not sure I like how it is styled on the ATL website. What color do you think would go best with it? A matching yellow? Ivory? Beige? Something else? (I know I may be breaking the rules here since it isn't a j.crew item. Hope you'll forgive me :) )

  6. FFM thanks so much for posting that! I always struggle with yellow, esp. the lighter/ pastel shades

  7. I love citron too! I pair it with navy (wakes up the dull navy), all greys (from charcoal to pewter/slvery grey), dark aquamarine/turquoise (very summery). Almost any saturated color will "go" with citron, IMO. Try purple tones (have to experiment, I like it with lavander, like this:

  8. Citron yellow/chartreuse is my fav color to wear! It is amazing with navy.

  9. I don't have anything in the citron, but like it for summer. ITA about the neutralish colours you suggest, I have a lt pewter and putty cardi, so, maybe I'll be on the lookout for something in citron.

  10. Good Morning Everyone! Thank you so much for your post and for sharing your favorite colors to wear with Citron yellow, too!

    AppGal: I don't mind non-J.Crew questions at all...I am truly a big fan of mixing designers/retailers and always have been, so all questions are welcome. As for the skirt, which I love, btw: I would suggest going with a top in a shade that is either in the flowers or the leaves. I think pulling out the yellow or tan/brown tones of the flowers would be gorgeous...maybe even a yellow(like in the skirt)tank with a tan/brown cardigan? Let me know what you think when it arrives, and you see the colors IRL...we can definitely figure something out. :)

  11. I am definitely bookmarking/starring this post! I've always struggled with this color, which is funny since I have citron items galore - jackets, shoes, shirts...LOL! Thanks all for your advice! :)

    p.s. - 'Love this lil' community! :)

  12. FFM - Not expecting a reply but thought I would take a chance since I love your style. I purchased a dress from white house black market and am at a loss on how to further style it for an upcoming wedding. It is a black strapless jacquard dress (style 300112200) which is more of an off black and I want to jazz it up with some color. The dress is so much cuter on and I feel fun and flirty in it as well. Any suggestions?

  13. I have several pieces in the citron yellow and greatly appreciate the color suggestions you provided!

    My favorite it the joelle cami and Melanie caridgan, both in citron. Gives a great monochromatic look. I wore it with chocolate brown pants.

  14. I also love the citron color. I was lucky enough to find the tulip jacket and the summer weight sleeveless cashmere for a steal at
    T J Maxx, and can't wait to wear them. Love your suggestions.

  15. Citron and its sister Chartreuse are my favorite J Crew colors!!!

    I agree with all the other Citron lovers who have posted about color pairings. It really is quite versitile in a surprising way.

    I just purchased a Citron Lady Day and adore it. I wore it the other day with the chocolate brown Taffeta A-line skirt from last fall, a neutral cami and my Avocado Lea. The Avocado against the Citron looked amazing as well as against the shimmery brown of the skirt and brown suede boots.

    I am also wearing some Citron tops - mostly sweaters - with the Abstract Lattice Pencil skirt in the brown color with the Root shoes. That's a very nice look too.

    So my vote for pairings is browns and greens.

    It's nice to hear there are others out there with multiples in this color -- I thought I had a strange obsession with it -- but at least I have some company!!!


  16. I am actually very surprised there are this many people with the appropriate coloring to wear citron! IMO you have to be olive, have tanned skin or be African American to pull this color off. Fair skin, skin w/a lot of redness, does not bode well in this color. Perhaps that describes all of you;)

  17. Love Citron! I wear it with just about everything.
    Orange, black, brown, turquoise, white, and even bright pinks. I always get complements when I wear citron so, good luck.

  18. Thanks for this. I have a citron cardigan I got FS last summer that I do not know what to do with. I'm going to give it another chance.

  19. Yay, this was my question. I would never have thought to pair citron with navy or gray but I love both ideas. I wore my citron yellow sweater with turquoise color skirt and received a lot of compliments.

    I have to thank FFM and others my outfits are getting more exciting and better accessorized since I've been reading this site. I spend just a little bit more time in the a.m. (before I dash out at 6:00 a.m. for 12 hours in the salt mines) adding some jewelry, a scarf or picking out some more interesting shoes.

  20. Yikes,

    Dinagideon and I would have to disagree with you. (Correct me if I am wrong D-) but we have fair skin and light (reddish?) complexions and hair.

  21. And in response to Yikes, I'm a very fair (my husband calls me pale) natural blond and the citron actually works quite well with my coloring.

  22. I am very fair and people love this shade of yellow on me. I actually think it may be because of my slight reddish skin that I can do this...I think it actually makes my skin look less red.

    I have met a lot of olive skinned women who have told me they can't touch this color, or orange, or those bright, clear greens with a ten-foot pole. They always think I am fortunate to have these options. However, on that note, I get to be jealous of them because they can wear black, purple, and red...and I most definitely cannot!

    So anon 5:56 and 6:08...let's celebrate our super-pale selves tomorrow and all wear citron...paired of course with these fab colors ffm and others have suggested! :)

  23. Thanks FFM - I do have citron yellow skirt, white top and a purple sweater wrapped around my neck (preppy style)

  24. I like it with navy or the pewter gray. I have a hard time with this color but I love it. Good post!

  25. promised, I wore citron today...with an aqua-striped top and jeans. :) I hope others were inspired by FFM's great post!

  26. FFM, i see that you tried on Havona, bur when I try to click on the pick it takss to this page. Can you post another pic so i can see it on you

  27. shopaholicdiva: I did try posting some photos last night of the Havona tank, but they ended up too blurred and the lighting was poor since they were taken at night. I will try to take more pics at some point this weekend and get them posted. :) I really think the tank is beautiful, but the price tag is a bit too much for me, unfortunately. I'm glad I got the chance to try it, though. :)

  28. amers72: Do you still need suggestions for your dress? I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond...just let me know. :)