Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Colors to Wear with Shell Pink?

I was recently asked what colors I would pair with Shell pink. The colors I like with it are:

Pale Green (aka Celery at J.Crew)
Navy Blue

Olive Green
Shell (for a monochromatic look)
Light Blue

Bright Pink/Fuchsia

Are you a girl who likes to wear Shell pink? Do you have any other color suggestions that you wear with it and would like to share?


  1. Hi FFM,
    i love the shell color, but it totaly washes me out.
    do you think i could combine bright colors with it?
    love your ideas!

  2. I wear my shell pink cardigan with purple pants...the other way I wear the shell pink cardi is with jeans and a bright blue small scarf!!!
    FFM--love the outfits today!

  3. Shell pink is the loveliest softener with black! When worn with a black shirt, silken black top, it's like "blush" to your face.

  4. I have the shell color in the J.Crew Jackie cardigan and the 3" chino shorts. I also have it in the halter beach dress. I think the color is super-flattering because it is so soft and feminine. If I am wearing it with other colors, I like to pair it with light khaki or white. It looks really crisp and fresh that way!

  5. How about pairing it with tea rose? Would that work? I haven't seen either color in person. On another note, I already posted this on JCA, but which of the two colors from last season do you guys think would work with tea rose: bright fuchsia or bright papaya? I can't tell from looking at them together online. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. I love the shell color too, but do have to be careful its not washing my fair skin out. I try to wear extra blush :)

    I like to wear it with many of the colors you mentioned as well as some of the more orangy-pinks that seem to be popular right now. A couple final sale items that ended up being more orange than I anticipated are more wearable to me with the shell colored short sleeve cardi that I have.

    Anon@ 8:27, I don't have anything in the tea rose color but I thought someone on the JCA blog said it had a more orangy tint to it so perhaps more in the "Bright Papaya" family.

  7. i think tea rose would look great. i also love it with the bright rhubarb from last season. i wore my shell colored cherie cami wiht my br. rhubarb tartine the other day and it was scrumptious! (i did turn the collar onthe sweater inward so as not to compete with the cami's collar!

  8. I'd love to see the sweater with the Broadcloth scalloped shell in buff or white, the pearl cluster necklace, or a longer simple necklace, a pair of comfy khakis, and the posie patent leather peeptoes in soft seashell,the posie capri sandles, or the patterned classic ballet flats in washed shell. Ok, somehow I think my wishlist just got longer!