Sunday, April 19, 2009


4.19.09 *Look One*
4.19.09 *Look One* by FFM featuring Forever21 t-shirts

I have to make a trip to the Mall later this morning and run other errands, as well. My tee is a black and white striped ON cap sleeve tee purchased last year and is one of my favorites...the stripes are smaller like the tee shown on the right side of the set. My shoes and belt are black patent. My handbag is from Liz Claiborne, but looks very similar to the Chanel bag in the set. My pants and scarf are from TJ Maxx and my earrings are from Target...they're similar to the ones shown, but also have white beads along with the black and gold. This is the first outfit I am considering wearing.

4.19.09 *Look 2*
4.19.09 *Look 2* by FFM featuring J Crew necklaces

My Mossimo jacket now has pearl buttons. The jeans do not have the belt on them, and the shoes are similar. I need to make a trip to the Mall and run errands...this is the second look I am contemplating.


  1. Nice! I don't own any black and white stripe, but have plenty of navy and white stripe. It was during the nautical theme phase.

  2. Stripes always look chic~ Love the look!

  3. I am loving the second polyvore! Have a great Sunday!

  4. You will look great in either. #1 is a perfect mall run outfit.

  5. Love both, as usual, but I am always a fan of a great striped tee, so I would go with #1.

  6. i love that you add the hair pictures to your sets!