Monday, April 13, 2009

J.Crew Free Shipping Offers

Free Shipping on orders of $150+ with code FREESHIP...offer good until April 15, 2009.

Another offer I saw posted on JCA, but did not receive the email for, even though I do have children who occasionally wear Crewcuts...go figure...

Free Shipping on Crewcuts Orders of $100+...Use Code CREWCUTS at checkout. Valid through Monday, April 13th.

*The CREWCUTS code appears to work without a Crewcuts item in the order. YAY! :)

What do you think of these shipping offers from J.Crew? Are you going to take advantage of either one? Did you shop this past weekend?


  1. I probably won't take advantage of this offer, I have some things to buy at Gap with this promo of theirs coming up and of course I'll get free shipping from them :)

  2. I got both e-mails. Weird...I do check the crewcuts site a lot...hmm...maybe they are "scoping me out." :)

  3. Ever since I have spent less at J Crew I receive all the emails, I only received the odd one before. No, I will not be taking advantage of this offer I am waiting for the summer rollout. Does anyone know when they will be posted on-line?

  4. I buy Crewcuts for my daughter all the time and did not get this offer. If I could use it AND my educator's discount I would buy but since I cannot I will pass...I now only buy online when there is 30% off on sale so I can use my educator's discount to offset the high shipping. 20% sale just doesn't even do it for me much anymore!

  5. it's so funny how their selection process works. i don't have children and have never bought a crewcuts item, yet i received this email! and...i also used it yesterday to get the dressy jersey twist-strap dress (whew what a mouthful!) i couldn't looks like exactly what i wanted/needed for the summer! hopefully it'll look nice once i get it :)