Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pants: My Personal Favorites

I want to start off by saying a big *THANK YOU* to all of my followers for continuing to visit, as well as leave comments on my blog. I know my posting has been sporadic for the past couple months, and I apologize for that. I have been dealing with several situations in my personal life, working, and trying to find the right balance for my roles as wife and mommy, home educator to my sons, as well as with work (even though I work from home the majority of the time), blogging, implementing my exercise regimen again, and all other aspects/areas of my daily life. My goal for the blog is to post at least 4-5 times per week...I think this is attainable while allowing me time to be sure that the other areas of my life are not neglected. I hope you will all continue to check in as well as comment. I love to hear what you have to say! :) Now onto the post!

As promised awhile ago...here is my post on my *Personal Favorite Pants*. I'll begin by saying that finding well-fitting pants is an ongoing struggle for me. My hip/thigh area is my biggest pet-peeve about my body and the area where I *carry* most of my weight. I am also fairly short waisted so the rise on pants is also an important factor for me. Pants that have an *original* fit can often feel as if I am wearing Steve Urkel pants, so I gravitate toward a lower rise trying to get them to sit lower on my hips. This being said...here are a few of my favorite picks for pants and cropped pants. :)

First are the Gap Perfect Trouser available now at the Gap website, and I have also seen them in the store, as well:
Click Here . They come in Gargoyle Taupe and Black. I have both colors which I purchased on sale last year, and I really like them a lot. I find the rise to be just about perfect, not too high/not too low, and the leg is wide, but not overly exaggerated. The thigh area is generous and the leg line flows straight down from there creating a flattering and slimming silhouette.

The next pair are actually cropped pants and also come from the Gap. They are the Curvy Cropped Pants and are also available on the Gap website as well as in the stores:
Click Here . These also come in Gray Combo and Brown Stripe. The Brown stripe pant is actually more of a seersucker like material and the stripe looks great with the J.Crew Corsage tee in Beechwood seen here . I just recently decided to try the Curvy fit at Gap and must say I am really impressed. They really address the smaller waist to fuller hip/thigh ratio that I think so many of us deal with. I am able to purchase my *normal* size in these pants and they fit my thighs without leaving a huge gap at the waist. The fabric is comfortable and the pants are well made. I think they are even worth full price, and I rarely pay full price for anything.

My last pick for this post is the J.Crew Premium Stretch Bistro Pant available at JCrew.com and also in stores:
Click Here . I haven't purchased these pants yet because I've been waiting for a significant markdown, but it seems as if that is taking forever...so frustrating. Anyways, I tried these pants on when they first arrived in the stores and absolutely adored them. The fit in the thigh and leg reminds me of the High Heel Flare, but the rise on the Bistro is much lower. I think they have a sort of retro and *Charlie's Angels* vibe to them. I also think they are very flattering...the flare on the leg helps to balance out the hip/thigh area creating a very flattering and lean silhouette. They are definitely still on my wishlist as a future purchase.

Do you own or have you tried any of these pants? What are your favorite brands and style of pants? Do you have any recommendations? Please share. :)


  1. Love the flat-front pants, my favorite fit for me.
    I so can relate to the balancing act. I have such admiration for mommies who work out side the home too! I find it very hard to balance my domestic duties, mommie & wife duties. Friends, family, blogging and exercise often get the back seat..so to say!
    Have a fantastic day and love your blog!
    xxxx me

  2. Good Morning Domestic Diva and thank you for chiming in! :) The balancing act IS tough, isn't it? I am fortunate to be able to work from home, but it can still get quite stressful at times. I have such deep admiration for ALL mommies...we truly have the hardest job on Earth, IMHO. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I have a low hip-to-waist ratio, and not super-big thighs, and no butt (rather than saying I'm an "apple" I'd like to think of myself as a "ruler"). Anyway, J. Crew's hipslung jeans were my favorite until they stopped making them. Boo on J. Crew! 74AM "A" Pocket jeans are fabulous. As far as pants, J. Crew city-fit anything is usually good for me. I don't fit very well in BR or Gap pants because they're often too big in the hip/butt/thigh area but too small in the waist. :(

    Your posts are always lovely, inspiring, and infinitely helpful. :) More is not necessarily better, so do what is best for you!

  4. FFM: I have a similar body type to yours (I am just bigger than you)!

    I love the city fit, esp. when it is combined with a stretch fabric. So I agree that the Bistro Pants are awesome!

    I also loved last year's Madison chinos...those were heavenly.

    I generally wear J. Crew pants only because they do fit my body so well, but Banana Republic also fits my body well.

    Love your blog...update when you can! :) And thanks!

  5. Even if we don't have as many hours as we need in a day, your site is beautiful, inspiring and appreciated. I discovered it recently and keep coming back for more!

    I find that Old Navy mid-rise (Flirt) pants fit my petite (short) self even better than the Gap's (plus they cost less!)... Linda at stylestance.blogspot.com

  6. Hi FFM,

    Thanks for doing this review. I am a SAHM, had to quit working from home after my second kid due to the fact that work was demanding, and I felt it was getting priority over my husband and kids, so I do appreciate how hard it is to juggle. I find it inspiring that you can do all this and still blog. It definitely helps us moms who can't devote much time to trying on things. I have 3 young ones, and I know I find it hard to find time for myself. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job - you are truly fabulous!!

  7. Oh, and about the pants, based on your polyvores, I bought the Gap pants in both colors and absolutely love them!!

  8. I watched my nephews yesterday and it was a good reminder of how hard moms work. I used to keep them one day/week and it was exhausting. I had forgotten just how tough it is. I had to send my sister a text to tell her I don't know how she does it. I'm sure you can get into a pattern and that helps, but the thing is that things always change. So you have to adjust. Anytime you are posting, it is great to see you.

    My figure is straight waist & hips - not a great variance between the two. That presents a different set of challenges. Pants can be very tough to find and I have a solid wardrobe of them as follows:

    Ralph Lauren trousers
    J Crew original fit chinos
    J Crew bootcut jeans (08)
    J Crew cropped matchstick jeans

    I have 1 or 2 pairs of GAP pants in there. I haven't tried on any of their pants in awhile, but for those who need an ankle length GAP is a great option.

  9. after reading your blog i tried the gap essentials and sized up and i love them. they are great comfy-casual jeans. i also like my favorite fit everyday chinos-they look equally good with flip-flops and a tee or heels and a jackie twinset!
    love your blog-thanks for taking the time to post when you have it:)

  10. I have the JCrew Stretch Bistro pants but haven't worn them yet because I need to get them hemmed. I love how they look on my body tho, even unhemmed. I have a bit of a tummy and not much of a backside, and these pants make my tummy flat and make my butt look great. Win! :-)

    I also own the JCrew Saturday pants and absolutely LOVE them. They're currently 29.99 in my store in all colors.

  11. thank you for taking the time to write your blog.
    i enjoy it very much, especially your "color advice".

  12. I own two pairs of the JCrew premium stretch bistro pants and I LOVE them. They are super flattering and go with a wide variety of tops and shoes.

    I also like that they are machine-washable, although I have had mine dry-cleaned to prolong their wear and so that I get them neatly pressed.

    I cannot recommend these pants enough, esp. to someone tall (I am 6 feet).

  13. FFM: You do an amazing job! Thank you so much for all the time you put into creating a wonderful blog for all of us to learn from!!! :)

  14. We'll take any time you have to give blogging! The balancing act is the hardest part! I am right there with you. Thanks for the great pants info!!

  15. Thanks for the tips! I think the thing I like most about J.Crew is the way their pants fits - for every cut they have (bootcut, wideleg, hipslung, matchstick) they are cut just perfectly for the style. But my favorite pants of all are their city-fit suit pants (see especially super 120s pinstripe). I could sleep in them they are so comfy and they look fantastic!

  16. I just got a pair of bistro pants in stone. They are divine! Very comfy, flattering, and the material looks really nice and refined. I wore them to work today with my tulip lulus, dusty rose merino cardi, and a brown favorite tank, and my crystal pillow necklace. I felt great!

    I agree with KatyO. that city fit anything from JCrew always works for me. I am also a "ruler"!

    I highly recommend the bistro pants!

  17. Thanks for the tips...I will check some of these out. I'm also fond of the cafe capris by J Crew.

  18. I always enjoy reading your blog!
    The JCrew Premium Stretch Bistro Pant is the best fitting pant EVER for me!!!
    I purchased the Stone and Khaki colors and looooove them. I got them with an additional % off of the $78 "sale" price that they have been sticking to. They are worth every penny. You can feel the quality of these pants the minute you touch them. :)

  19. Good Morning Girls! Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement, support, and for sharing your favorite picks for pants! :)

  20. FFM, you are awesome - we all appreciate any time you can give and of course realize that your dear family comes first! Thanks for the inspiration you are to us!

    Pants - ugh! I have the same fit issues as you with the gapping at the waist of most pants. I also like the curvy fit pants at GAP, they fit pretty well.

    I did recently find my "holy grail" Chinos though and they are the G1 chinos at Anthropologie, they are called Paperboy right now. I think in the past they have been labeled "Basic Goods" but the brand name is G1. They are awesome! They have a bit of stretch to them and are sooo soft and comfy. The fit is just right for me, not too long or too short in the torso. They are more casual and have a "washed/broken in" look about them. They are rather spendy on the Anthro site when not on sale but I keep an eye out for them on ebay and they do pop up in my size every now and then.

  21. FFM--you just give THE BEST REVIEWS and information about items--ever!!! The information your provide is sooo well written...you really know how to describe things perfectly! THANK YOU a million times over for--sharing your insight and ideas and reviews! "SIMPLY THE BEST!!!"

  22. BTW--you turned me "on" to Gap Essential Jeans...those jeans work great for me!
    I have a longer waist--and I've finally decided to throw in the towel for low rise jeans as the just don't work for me!
    Plus as my ex used to say "crack kills!" smile...you know pants that show your crack when you reach for something or bend over is just--to me--not classy or cool!
    pants I like are Gap Essential Jeans, Express Editor Pants, and J. Crew Original Fit Chinos...
    "The Limited" pants used to fit me well but haven't been into "The Limited" since I fell in love with J. Crew!!!

  23. You're amazing FFM - such a superwoman, like all moms. And looking so darn fabulous at the same time...

    I have the cropped GAP pants as well, and agree they are great. Now I have my eyes on the bistro pants too! If they've got the FFM stamp of approval, that's all I need to know. Do you find you would take the same size in them that you would in the HHF jean?

  24. Thanks PBP! :)

    I did take the same size in the Bistro as my HHF jeans. :)