Monday, May 18, 2009

Shopping My Closet

I have been cleaning again...this time I'm working on my closet. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE cleaning closets...not sure why...maybe it's due to my love for clothing and all things fashion related. All I know is that I just really enjoy it. So on to the point of my post: as I said, I have been cleaning out my closet all weekend and will be *at it* again today. I invested in the velvet aka *Huggable Hangers* and absolutely LOVE them! Target sells the actual brand name Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano: Click Here to purchase online ...they are also available in the stores. You can purchase a 5 pack for $4.99 as well as the boxed set as shown in the link. They are also available for purchase at Click Here for the link, and Walmart also sells their own version in the store which cost around $4 for 6 hangers...definitely the best deal if you can find them in stock. I am now obsessed with these hangers! They work really well and create a lot more space in your closet PLUS your clothes don't slip off of them at all! The Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano even come in little kid sizes if you want to redo your *littles* closets with them too. :) I would highly recommend them, especially if you have limited closet space in your home.

I organize my clothing 3 ways: by outfit, by color, or by oufit AND color. This time I went with option 3...outfit and color. I put all pieces of an outfit together (except the jewelry, shoes, and handbag) and hang them in my closet as a complete styled set. This time I have the outfits placed in my closet by color...Black, Grey, Navy, Brown, Bright Colors, etc. I am now in the process of continuing to create Polyvore sets for them in which I include my accessories, shoes, and handbags to reference for future wearing. :) Here are several of my own personal *Shopping My Closet* creations that I have worn or will be wearing in the future.

Look One:
Black, White, and Grey aka Shopping My Closet *Look One*
Black, White, and Grey aka Shopping My Closet *Look One* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing
My capris are actually from Gap, and my white cardigan is from Old Navy. My scarf is a Black and Silver Metallic one that I recently found at J.Crew. My earrings are a similar pair that I found at Target...they have black, grey, and silver beads on them.

Look Two:
Shopping My Closet *Look Two*
Shopping My Closet *Look Two* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing
My bag is a similar one from Charm and Luck. I would like to have the shoes but am waiting for them to go on sale.

Look Three:
Shopping My Closet *Look Three*
Shopping My Closet *Look Three* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing
I'm considering the shoes...just waiting for a sale.

Look Four:
Laid-Back Lana aka Shopping My Closet *Look Four*
Laid-Back Lana aka Shopping My Closet *Look Four* by FFM featuring BCBGirls Shoes
The pants are rolled and the sweater is from several years ago in the same color and style as the one shown. I'm waiting for a sale on the shoes.

Look Five:
Summer Chic aka Shopping My Closet *Look Five*
Summer Chic aka Shopping My Closet *Look Five* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing
The Clara cardigan is optional.

Look Six:
Shopping My Closet *Look Six*
Shopping My Closet *Look Six* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing

Look Seven:
Shopping My Closet *Look Seven*
Shopping My Closet *Look Seven* by FFM featuring BCBGirls Shoes
My necklace is similar to the one shown. I would love to have the shoes...need them to go on sale. I do have a pair of Born sandals in a similar color that I will substitute for now.

Look Eight:
Shopping My Closet *Look Eight*
Shopping My Closet *Look Eight* by FFM featuring J Crew Clothing
My scarf and bag are similar to the ones shown in the set.

Tomorrow I will post my Favorite picks for pants that I promised awhile ago...sorry for the delays! I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Monday! :)


  1. WOW! Awesome sets! I want to shop YOUR closet, too! Thanks for all the great looks and ideas. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. How COOL are you with your ideas!!!
    These Polyvore sets are DIVINE!
    You are indeed one of the most Creative Fashionistas on the world-wide-web!

  3. i purchased the huggable hangers last fall and was amazed at the additional closet space I gained. FFM, once you see how much space you have, don't do what i did and fill it up with more clothes. Or is that the plan? :-)

  4. Good Morning Girls and THANK YOU for the sweet comments! :)

    Patina, I am COMPLETLEY amazed at the space the hangers create, however I don't intend to try and fill up the extra space. I have more than enough clothing to last for a LONG time! I do pick up an item every now and then to supplement or *freshen up* looks I already have, but no major purchases or wardrobe overhauls in the near future. :)

  5. I love all your Polyvore sets! What a great idea to plan out all your outfits so that you can just grab and go when you are in a hurry.

    I have the Huggable Hangers and I LOVE them! I thought they were a little pricey but after I bought the first set and used them I can honestly say they are worth every dime. I was lucky that our Linen's & Things was going out of business and I was able to get 200+ Huggable Hangers for next to nothing. I wish I had bought some more.

  6. Your posts are so inspirational! I just told myself over the weekend that I REALLY have to start shopping in my own closet! But those huggable hangers...maaan, they so enable me to get more clothes! My justifcation? There's more room in my closet now! LOL!

  7. I just cleaned out my closet this weekend too. have about 1/2 huggable hangers and 1/2 wooden. The Huggable Hangers create so much space! I was shocked!! I didn't know a hanger could make such a difference. I have never organized my closet with outfits in mind, I think I'll try that sometime. Great idea and inspiring set! Have a great week!

  8. FFM, I love the Huggable Hangers! I live in a tiny apartment in Manhattan, where closet space is severly limited! These created so much extra space, but alas I filled up that space with more clothes, like Patina did. :-) They are definitely worth the money. Congrats on organizing your clothes and shopping your closet!

  9. I really like the huggable hangers too! I have found them at TJ Maxx for a really good price too.

    I'm excited for your pants post, I just found my favorite chinos and can't wait to share ;)

    Also, I finally started my own blog too, would you mind linking in your blogroll? Thanks FFM!

  10. If you have a Costco membership, they are currently selling their own version of the hangers. It's only $15.xx for 50 hangers! Half the cost of the Walmart hangers. Great if you are revamping your entire closet.

  11. Emily, Drewablank, Stephanie, Marietta, Stacie, Anon @11:38, and Milly: Thank you all so much for the kind words and for sharing your info about the hangers!

    Drewablank: I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it! I'm adding you to my blog roll. :)

    Stacie: YAY on your blog venture! I added you to my Blog roll.

    Anon@11:38: Thank you so much for the information about Costco. I have a Sam's Club membership, but a Costco just opened up nearby so I will probably switch my membership over to there. I'll definitely check out their hangers! :)

  12. I love those sets! I heard those hangers were awesome as well!

  13. They are all adorable, but look 2 and look 6 are favs.

  14. Just left you an award on our blog! Congrats!

  15. Lovely sets FFM - when can you come over to help me organize my closet =)

  16. I love the idea to shopping my closet!!!!!! I defenitly going to copy this method.
    I love to organize my closet also. I do everything by color and by categories.... tops, then pants, then skirts...

  17. Thanks for the tip on the hangers! Target has the 5 packs of shirt and suit/pants hangers on sale for $3.33 this week. I bought 4 of the packs to try them out...

  18. I have GOT to get some of those huggable hangers. And I promised E a new pair of flip flops since Lucy was chewing on hers - took off half the glitter - yes, Lucy knows she is a girl dog.

    I love the idea of hanging clothes by outfit! I usually have 2-3 outfits hanging on the closet door. I'll have to devote a section to ready-to-go outfits. Hmmmmm..

  19. The part of this post about the hangers is perfect for me right now! I just moved into a new apartment and sadly went from two closets to one. I have been trying to figure out a way to make some more space. Has anyone tried the Bed, Bath, and Beyond version of these hangers? Because they are $40 for a pack of 50, and I have millions of those 20% off coupons they send in the mail. Are they as good as the HSN and Target versions?

    FFM: I too love a good closet cleaning. There is nothing quite like it! :)

  20. I have to say that after buying a few packs and replacing my old hangers, I was hooked! I went out and bought 20 more packs to finish our closets. At $3.33, I thought it was a good deal. Thanks so much!!! I can finally see all my clothes...

  21. Thanks again for all the kind comments and information ladies! :)

    it's.a.southern.thing: I think the other brands will probably work just as well...I know the Walmart version does. It sounds like the Bed, Bath, and Beyond deal will be great, especially with the extra 20% off coupon.

    Tina: That is absolutely FANTASTIC! I wonder when they went on sale at Target? I was in on Sunday and they weren't on sale...I need to make another trip to Target this week.

  22. I went to two stores and only the colored ones were on sale (turqouise, brown, dark blue, bright pink). One store didn't have them marked on sale, but they scanned at the lower price. Both stores had them on the ends of aisles away from the main aisle display. Good luck finding them!

  23. Thanks again Tina! I stopped by Target after this afternoon and got the chocolate brown for the $3.33 sale price...YAY!!! :)

  24. Tina: I saw your post on JCA about BR 30% there a special code? I haven't gotten any emails about it. TIA! :)