Thursday, June 11, 2009


6.11.09 *Morning*
6.11.09 *Morning* by FFM featuring J Crew

Early morning Physical Therapy for my 3 year-old and then a couple of errands. :) Once I got home I changed out of my Jackie twinset into my ON London tee and changed my accessories from gold to silver.

At Home...


  1. I LOVE that London tee -- just something about the colors. I have the Paris tee, too, but don't like it as much! Cute outfit(s) as usual!

  2. I'm so addicted to the "Jackie" cardis! Do you always buy them in a twin set or do you sometimes just buy the cardi?

  3. I am addicted to the paris tee and jackie cardigans also. I missed the Podna band tee, but hope that someone from CS can locate one for me. Did you ever get that tee FFM?

  4. Hi Girls! Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

    Anne: Thank you! I also love the colors of this is actually one of my favorite colors. :)

    GingerSnap: I am also addicted to the Jackie caridgans. I don't always buy as a twinset, but actually wish they sold them at a discounted price together and that they made the *set* from the same dye lot. I did purchase my black shell and cardigan at the same time, but the 2 shades of black are different, so it doesn't even work as a twinset...pretty frustrating, to say the least. My white set looks great together, though. I did have a twinset in Shell pink, but returned it after accepting the fact that I don't look good in that color, even though I really, really love it.

    Patina: I had the chance to get the Podna tee but decided not to. I just didn't like it enough for the price...maybe if I find it on supersale eventually.