Sunday, June 7, 2009


6.7.09 *Morning*
6.7.09 *Morning* by FFM featuring J Crew
Wore to church this morning. My tank is from Gap but I can't find a pic...the necklace was wrapped twice and the jacket was buttoned up. Then we came home and I changed into this:


  1. HI FFM: I see that youre using your gold tote on most of your fab outfits. I just adore this bag!!! Glad you do as well =) Keep the pictures coming =)

  2. 2 fresh nautical-inspired looks ... very nice!

  3. Hi CECE! I have been carrying my Gold Thompson Tote a lot and really, really love it. :) It's turned out to be more versatile than I had ever thought it would be. Thanks for stopping by!

    Stylestance: Thank you so much...I just love navy and white together. :)

  4. FFM, Love the color combo!! OT, I bought the cricket cardi in both the navy/white and cream/olive combo as I could not decide which I like better. I love them both, but am trying to figure out which is more versatile. Any ideas?

  5. I love the navy blazer and also the capris you changed into!! So cute!!