Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cotton Medallion Dress

The Cotton Medallion Dress from J.Crew is the same print as the Medallion Lattice Top which I showed RL pics of yesterday. It retails for $68 and can be seen here at, item #12780: Click Here . I purchased this at the time of one of the Free Shipping promotions and the next day the Extra 20% off promotion showed up, and they honered it as well (as a *one time courtesy*). Well, the dress ended up waitlisted and finally shipped at the beginning of this week. I had initially planned on ordering it in XSmall, but by the time I finally placed my order that size was sold out, so I went on waitlist for the Small. This morning an XSmall popped back up on the website, so I called in to place an exchange order...hopefully it will ship so I can compare the 2 sizes and then decide which one to keep. The pics posted today are me in the size Small. It is slightly roomy in the bust area, but I was planning on taking it in a bit under each arm to fix that issue. I'm sure the XSmall will fit better in the bust, and if it also fits well on my hips then I will keep it.

I have styled 2 Polyvore sets for the dress so far. I didn't show a tee or tank under the dress in either set, but do think either could be a really cute addition, giving another option for a different *take* on the dress. A scarf around the neck is another idea that would change it up a bit.

I have to say I had planned on returning this dress because I had really just ordered it with Free Shipping in order to try it out and wait for further markdowns, not expecting to like it as much as I do. I am just absolutely in love with this Medallion print, so much so that I have contemplated ordering the tunic and swimsuit in it, as well. Now I do plan on keeping the dress because I not only like the print, but also the weight, overall feel, look, and versatility of the dress.It is 100% Cotton, machine washable, and very soft to the touch. I don't normally wear dresses (or skirts for that matter) this short, but I think this one *works*...probably since it is Summer and the overall look just feels like Summer. :)
The dress can be worn alone, with the cardis, or as a tunic over top of the white High Heel Flare jeans. The cardigans are Honey Glaze and Bright Azul...I also think it would work with a cardigan in Golden Cypress, White, Bright Berry (from last year), Olive, and of course, denim.

I have the tie belt a little higher in this pic, more of an empire can see a bit of *pucker* at the side in the size Small. I will decide between the XSmall and Small when/if the XS arrives next week.

Here I have the belt tied a little bit lower:
As a tunic worn over the white High Heel Flare Jeans, which could be substituted with white matchsticks, as well.

With the Jackie Cardigan in Honey Glaze...not an exact match, but it does *go*.
This is the Jackie Cardigan in Bright Azul...Here's a closer view to show how well the Bright Azul *goes* with the dress...this is my favorite combination with it.

Here is another set I styled...this time with the Military Boyfriend Jacket (as shown yesterday with the Medallion Lattice Top) and J.Crew Matchsticks.
Cotton Medallion Dress *Look Two*
Cotton Medallion Dress *Look Two* by FFM featuring J Crew
The dress is worn by itself with either sandal. It can also be worn with the military jacket, as a tunic over the skinny jeans, or over the jeans WITH the jacket. The tie belt can be removed and replaced with the gold metallic belt, or a different colored belt.

With my J.Crew gold metallic belt also placed a bit higher than my natural waist...
And finally...the dress with just the metallic gold belt and military jacket:
What do you think of the Cotton Medallion Dress? Do you already own and love it? If not, would you consider purchasing it?


  1. I LOVE this dress! Might have to try it...

  2. wow wow wow, that the only word I can say. All the ways that you put the dress together looks amazing, you are definitely right, this dress is so versatile. Love your idea of the belt tied up and lower. Best post ever!

  3. You look stunning. I hope you get the sizing figured out because that pattern is awesome on you!! Love all your stylings.

  4. YAY~ Thanks for sharing ALL these pictures and ideas!!! I have this dress and have only worn it once -as a dress! I have the same jeans, jackie cardis, and the military jacket (in grey though?) so I will definitely be trying all of the these looks out! :)

    I'm sure you will like the XS much better!!! I am a size 8 and the S *fit* me but I ended-up going w/ a M because it was a little more comfy and a bit longer on me! Anyways, what I'm trying to say is- if I can *fit* into the S ok, then you will need the XS (IMHO)!!!

    Keep us posted and thanks again for sharing all the styling ideas! I think the medallion print is a wonderful print too! :)

  5. WOW I love it! Thanks for all the styling options!! :)

  6. Wow! Thanks for taking all that time to style and show us IRL photos of the medallion dress! As always, you are spot-on on the styling and look uber-chic. :)

    When you wear the dress by itself (w/o the cardigans, jeans or jacket), I like the look when the belt is tied a bit lower.

    I hope you get your order! *crosses fingers and toes for FFM*

  7. The dress is great and i love how you styled in several ways for us to see. You have great ideas.
    Keep it up.

  8. Looks fab on you! I have the top and you have given me some great ideas what to mix and match with that as well.

  9. Forgot to mention that I recently discovered that there is a matching girls dress in this print-TDF. Have yet to get my daughter and I matched up on the same day, but it is cute:)

  10. Tina: If you do get to try it out, I'd love to hear what you think about it! :)

    The Outfit of the day: THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

    Thank you Kristin! This pattern is definitely one of my favorites.

    MMM: You are so very welcome, and thank you for the sizing info! I'll be sure to let you know which one I decide to keep.

    sparrowsandsparkles: THANK YOU! :)

  11. Drewablank: You are very welcome, and thank you so much for the compliments! I really hope the XSmall comes, too...fingers, crossed.

    Thank you SJs Mommy! Btw, how are you feeling these days?

    Twiga: Thank you so much! How adorable that the little girls have this print, too!

  12. This print is so striking on you!
    This is one of those items that it's hard to tell if the colors would work for me...I'm the complete opposite of you--blonde/tanned--I'm dark hair/white as white can be! We are opposing contrasts!!! smile
    I was wondering if you think the colors of this are WARM or COOL???
    Thanks so much!

  13. You look so awesome! And can I just say wowza to your toned arms!!

    Love the cardis you paired this with, you already know how much I love the print. . . I'm going to keep an eye on that dress - just need to think of some justification for it - highschool reunion this summer perhaps?

    I think I like the gold belt the best, and it looks great as a tunic too!

  14. I LOVE this dress on you! I like it on it's own with a cardi, and also with the white jeans!!

  15. My mom just ordered this dress. It is so cute! She chose to wear it with a thicker leather belt than the one that came with it! Now, I'm thinking I need one! :)

  16. FFM - I have this dress (in the XS) and I love love love it! You look wonderful, as always! I hope the XS does ship for you. :-)

  17. You look amazing! All of of your styling is such an inspiration. It pushes me to think outside the box. Nice post!!

  18. If on you could hear me when I was scrolling down those pics...ahhh...ohhh...

    Love it as always =)

  19. Stacie: thank you! The dress is actually casual enough to wear on a daily basis, not to mention very comfortable. I would even wear it to the market for grocery shopping...very casual chic, especially if you dress it down with flat sandals.

    Thank you Petunia! :)

    Gingersnap: I bet your mom looks FABULOUS in this dress and I like the idea of a thicker belt with it, too.

    Marietta: YAY! I'm glad to know you also have the dress and love it! Thanks for the compliment, too. :)

    Stephanie: Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to be an really means a lot!

    Joanne: You always make my day...THANK YOU!!! :)

  20. FFM- I fell in love with this print the moment I saw it! So cheeful and pretty! I ended a buying a top, not the dress, but definitely can use some of your ideas. Thank you for the fabulous styling tips! BTW, you have gorgeous legs!! To die for!:)))

  21. I would love to buy the S off you since I know the xs will fit. Just had my first little one and I have lived in the medallion top and would love the dress as well. I miss the lack of prints this season. They are a fav of mine! Thank you for all your ideas!

  22. Hi FFM! I love the medallion print too. I have this dress and am excited to try your styling ideas. I hadn't even considered all these possibilities! You're very talented.

    I am very curious to know if the XS works better for you than the S. I didn't think to try a smaller size, and if the XS fits you better, i'll have to consider sizing down (if i can find one). I think our body sizes are similar.

    Btw, i liked this print so much that i also purchased the lattice top and tunic. I tried both the XS and S in the tunic but went with the S.

  23. Have a great Father's Day!

  24. Wow, all the looks! I received the dress this past week in a size extra small and it's too small. Anyway, I will be returning my dress to the b&m sometime this week. I paid f/p plus tax so it's $72.08, plus whatever the USPS cost is to get it to you.

    If anyone wants it, drop me an email:

    FFM: I hope it was ok to post this here. I'm not selling for profit or anything like that. :)

  25. So cute and versatile! Now I want it too!!

  26. So so cute! I super love it w/the hg cardi, azul cardi & the military jacket. Hot stuff!

  27. I didn't notice the dress in stores, only the blouse. Was it a catalog only item? Anyway love it on you, especially worn alone with the belt (you have fantastic legs). Let us know how the XS worked, I think that the lenght of the S is PERFECT, it could be worth it have the alteration done.

  28. Slastena: Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I also have the Medallion Top and just did a post on it last week, too. :) I'm sure you look absolutely gorgeous in yours!

    Kristen: There are 2 JCA's who also asked to purchase the Small (if I don't keep it) prior to your post, but if they don't take it, then I will let you know. :)

    Cleo26: YAY on owning all of those Medallion print pieces! I'm sure you look beautiful in all of them! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    IRL: Thanks and no problem at all about posting the info here! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  29. PBP, Gigi, and Ema: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! :)

    Ema: Yes, the dress was catalog/online only, unfortunately.

  30. I am lovin' the last outfit of the dress and military jacket. So pretty!!! :)

  31. Love it! Wish I had purchased it when I had the chance. Boo, hoo!

  32. Thank you Alexis! :)

    Anon @10:25: Keep checking the J.Crew website...there's always a good chance one will show back up again. Good Luck!

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  34. Hi, was wondering what size you usually wear in J Crew, wanted the S but ended up ordering the XS. I'm usually a 2 or 4 depending on cut. Have an event next weekend, but wondering if I should keep looking in case it doesn't fit. Thank you!

  35. Hi Meaghen! I am also a 2 or 4 at J.Crew, sometimes a 0 in tops and I found this dress to be a little snug through the hips in the XSmall, but a tad large in the bust area in the Small. If your hip/thigh area isn't curvy, then the XSmall will probably work for you. That area is where I tend to carry any extra weight so the XSmall just didn't work. Hope this helps! :)