Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hit or Miss: Earrings from Target and Anthropologie

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a FABULOUS week! I wanted to take a little time and blog about a couple pair of earrings from Target, as well as a pair from Anthropologie that I've used in numerous Polyvore sets.

The first 2 pair are from Target and retail for $7.99. The first pair in the above pic (as well as in the pic below) that have the pink and coral beads on them remind me a lot of a pair that Anthro sold for awhile. I tried ordering the Anthro pair online but the order got cancelled, so I am wearing the Target pair in their place. The Anthro pair can be seen in my Polyvore set
here . I think the Target pair are a nice substitution and they also look really pretty with the Medallion Lattice Top. They don't appear to be available online at this time, though.

The second pair from Target are called the Merona Sead Beaded and Shell Earrings that can be purchased online
here . They are much prettier IRL than in the Target online pic. The shell circles have a pale blue tint that looks really pretty with the color *Breeze* at J.Crew. I wear mine with the Corsage tee in Breeze, and it looks really pretty.

Both pair of the Target earrings are large...the pink and coral pair are 3.5 inches long. The shell pair are 4 inches long, but both are very light...I would suggest NOT wearing a necklace when wearing either pair, as they are a statement in themselves. I think they are both really great for the price...definitely a *HIT*.

Up next is the pair from Anthropologie that I've used in numerous sets. They can be seen online at in the sale section
here . I personally think that in the online pic it appears as if they have different tones in them...sort of like brown and gold. Well, that is not the case IRL as you can see from the pic below:
The earrings are completely brass with no variations at all (although even my pic makes them look a little darker in places...they aren't IRL), plus they are extremely heavy...I'm not sure how anyone could manage to wear them for an extended period of time. At the time I purchased them the pic of the model wasn't on the Anthro site, but now it is, and you can see how much they are pulling on the model's ears. They are also 4 inches larger than the shell pair from Target, but much, much heavier. They are going back...huge, huge *MISS* IMHO...very disappointing. I'm now on the hunt for another pair of wood and bead earrings to place in my sets and wear with my outfits. Target has a pair that looks promising, but I haven't yet seen them IRL. Beaded Chandelier Earring - Wood ...the price is nice, too.

Have you found any earrings or other jewelry lately that you care to share about? Do you have any favorite pieces that you wear on a regular basis? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. :)


  1. I like the Target earrings - World Market has some nice earrings too from time to time. Actually I saw some really cute big floral cutout ones at F21 last week. They lightweight too if I remember correctly.

  2. oh, how disappointing to hear about the anthro earrings. they looked so nice and shiny and sturdy online, and they're a little more drab and blah looking IRL. plus yeah, i can imagine they would be very heavy! i think the jewelry from that photoshoot as a whole has been somewhat optimistically rendered -- i got the old-and-new necklace and the pyramid-of-fire chandeliers, and both were big disappointments IRL, way different from how they looked in the promo shots and on the models :/

  3. Love the earrings. Yes, I got the cluster pearls from Target like the Jcrew one's and the marble beaded necklace from F21.

  4. I have to skip over earrings everywhere except Claire's & H&M. I need them to be nickel free. Some claim to be for sensitive ears, but that's not always the case. So I don't much to add other than that.

    I love these picks. Very nice! :-)

  5. I'm with Gigi - I have very sensitive ears, so I don't often add to my earring collection. But I have gotten nickel-free at Target before and worn them with great success - but you have to look at the label.

  6. Hi Girls! Thank you for the comments and jewelry suggestions! :)

    I also have sensitive ears, so the nickel free is a must. A lot of Target's earrings are nickel free now, including the *shell* pair in my post. It has the info for that online, as well as on the earring tag/holder at the store when you purchase them there.

  7. Those look great! I love my breeze tee and will look for the coordinating earrings next time I'm at Target. Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. I'm in love with these Anthropologie earrings I bought in March. Not heavy at all and look like they are worth twice as much as they cost ($38).

    Sadly, I can't find a link to them on the Anthro website anymore, but here's a picture in polyvore.

  9. I'm loving the Target earrings - I got the same pair of the first ones you described but with the turquoise and brown beads (on clearance for $5 - I love Target).

    I have a number of earring that are way too heavy for my ears (I'm Indian and there's a ton of really gorgeous costume jewelry from India) but at the end of the night my earlobes are throbbing. Go with the light weight ones because they will stretch your ear piercings/ earlobes a lot (mine have gone back to "normal").

    Love your blog and your reviews!

    ~ saretta

  10. Stephanie, I hope you find a pair! They are pretty large, but I think they work with the tee if you don't wear a necklace. :)

    iheartgreen: Your Anthro earrings are SO pretty! I found a gold pair a couple weeks ago in the Anthropologie store that are also lightweight and very pretty. I was thinking that I wish they would put the earrings weight in the listing so there aren't any surprises then they arrive.

    Saretta, thank you for posting! I absolutely love all of the Indian jewelry, too. :) As for the heavier earrings, I actually use a product called Earlifts that really help with holding them into place better and alleviate a lot of the stretching they cause. They are actually from those *as seen on tv* ads, but TOTALLY work! I am never without them. You can google Earlifts for more information about them. :)

  11. I love pretty earrings like this, but I always feel I can't pull them off because I wear thick glasses. I feel like it is too much 'accessorizing' on my face. But other glasses-wearers do it and look lovely. I guess I have weird earring hang-ups...

  12. I'm a big fan of cocktail rings! Alltherageonline has some great affordable ones! What a bummer about the anthro earrings. They are so pretty!

  13. try holly yashi - i discovered earrings by her in little boutique shops upstate. they last a long time, little more expensive then target though...the rest of the time i just make my own. you should try that if you can't find a wooden style you like.