Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7.1.09: Wearing Today & IRL Pics

7.1.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: My pants are the Curvy Crop Pants from Gap and my tee is the new one from Ann Taylor Loft in size XSmall. The cardigan is optional for *chilly* rooms and the necklace is wrapped twice around my neck.

I am taking my 2 year-old to the Pediatrician to have his arm looked at. Last night we were at the local Centra Care because we thought he might have a broken arm. They took X-rays but didn't see a fracture and suspected Toddler aka Nursemaid's elbow. So we were told that if he didn't start to move it to have him seen at the ER. Well, this morning his arm is still limp, his little hand is swollen, and he keeps complaining that it hurts, so I called our Pediatrician who we love and trust...he will be seeing him in a little while.

I was able to snap a couple RL pics while he's napping before we go...

UPDATE: My son actually had what is called *Nursemaid's Elbow*(click here for the definition/explanation), and the pediatrician was able to *pop* it back in to my son is doing great! I am SO relieved! :) Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes!


  1. good luck with everything today:) super cute outfit. I have this ATL tee and i like your paired yours with black capri's and gold belt and gold and pearl necklace:)

  2. First of all I am so sorry to hear about your 2 y/o. Good luck with everything. Next, you really inspire me to dress up a little bit wherever I go. I love the gold, black and pearl mix:)

  3. Oooh, I hope your baby is okay...I will say a prayer right now.

    I ADORE this outfit...I will make it one of my favorites on polyvore...

  4. Cute outfit!! Love coming here and seeing your IRL pics!

    Except for the swollen hand, I would suspect nursemaid's elbow, too. My 2-yr-old has had it happen twice now (last time just a few weeks ago), and has had x-rays both times to confirm no broken bones. It is alarming, because it hurts so much and the arm just lays limp. But, it is a quick fix. The doc or nurse lays the arm straight, palm side up, bends it at the elbow so the hand touches the forearm, then raises the elbow to head-level. There should be a "pop" and movement regained almost instantly. Wow, do they charge up the ying-yang for that little "surgery", though. Yes, that's right, surgery! You'll notice on your doctor bill that this quick fix is categorized as "surgery". It has cost us quite a bit even after insurance coverage. It's great to see your little one back to normal when it's all over.

    Best wishes for your little one, and I sure hope it is just Nursemaid's Elbow and nothing serious.

  5. Good luck with your boy! Hope its nothing serious.


  6. outfit=spectacular!!!
    I hope your Son feels better soon!
    My Son broke his arm when he was 8 years I am recollecting how that made me feel when I heard about your guy!
    Everything will work out!!!

  7. I also hope your son feels better and that everything turns out ok!!!
    Love your ourfit! Will wear it this way when I receive my ATL tee! Thanks for the idea! Just wondering, it looks like the tee runs a bit bigger from your pics? I ordered the xxs so I hope it'll fit me well.

  8. I hope for the best w/ your little guy! :( Both of my kids have had nursemaid's elbow as well! My Dr. said that usually the x-ray process *fixes* it due to the way that they turn & twist the arm to get the proper x-rays!?! Good luck w/ everything though- I hope he's *all better* soon! ;)

    Your outfit looks great, btw!

  9. I hope your little one is ok. poor baby. Send him hugs and "feel better soon" wishes from me.I love the tee on you. the leopard cardigan is a perfect match.

  10. I hope yyour little guy is OK! My oldest broke his arm when he was 2.5 falling off a little plastic rocker. Love your outfit today!

  11. Could someone tell me more about this top--I didn't see it online--is it new enough that it might still be in ATL stores?

    PS hope your little boy feels better.

  12. FFM: I wish I could be your sister or daughter so I could borrow your clothes! I really like how you have been showing the IRL version of your outfits! Lookin soo good :)

  13. Poor little guy :( I hope he heals up quickly and feels better soon!

    You look FAB, as usual!!

  14. Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! My son did indeed have *Nursemaid's Elbow*, but his pediatrician was able to *pop* it back into place and now my son is doing great. Such a relief, needless to say! :)

    mrs.anketell: Thank you! As you see I am wearing my pearl and chain necklace AGAIN...big surprise...I just adore it. :)

    Thank you Joanne! I really believe that dressing up a bit makes you feel so much better and doesn't take that much more time, either.

    Dina: Thank you so much for the prayers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

    Jenny K: Thank you...I'm so glad you enjoy the RL pics! :) Thank you also for the information on the Nursemaid's really helped a lot. I'm glad to hear that your 2 year old is doing fine, too. :)

    Thank you JB!!! :)

    LATJC: Thank you! My oldest actually did break his arm a few years ago, so this definitely brought back memories of that experience.

  15. Ny0311: Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I got the same size in the ATL tee that I get in J.Crew tees, but the ATL does seem to have a little more room around the mid-section that the J.Crew tees do. I keep forgetting that ATL makes XXS. Let me know how yours fits when you receive it. :)

    Thanks MMM! Can you believe that none of my other 3 boys has ever had Nursemaid's Elbow? This is the first that I've ever heard of it actually.

    Thank you Patina! :)

  16. Just checking in with your blog - I'm SO glad your little guy is OK now! Always scary for a mom! Great outfit again! Thanks for the IRL pics!

  17. Kathy: Thank you so much! :)

    Hexicon: Thanks! As for the is a fairly new item and is still available in stores, although seems to still be flying out the door. You can go to the ATL website and do a store search from the item even though it's sold out. There are 4 stores within 150 miles of me that still have my size. You can customize your search to the size you need. Here's the link to the tee: Click Here . HTH! Good luck at getting one! They're very cute IRL. :)

  18. Mslay: Thank you SO much! I'm glad you're enjoying the RL pics, too. :)

    Thank you Kat! :)

    Elizabeth: Thank you! On another note, have you been able to do your pool workouts this week?

  19. You know that I love this cardigan?
    The shirt is just darling!!!
    Happy 4th July!

  20. That's great news that your Son is ok! Just wonderful!

  21. Good to hear your son's arm wasn't broken! I absolutely love this outfit! I just got this top and can't wait to wear it.

  22. FFM, thank you so much for the leads on the top! My local mall has it, though S is the smallest size and it sounds like I might need an XS. Tomorrow I have the day off and will hit the mall ATL (maybe if I go early in the morning I can avoid the gangbangers!).

    Now I just have to decide whether I want the black or honey.

    Glad to hear that your little boy is OK.

  23. you always look so cute! even in a t-shirt!

  24. Hi FFM!
    I can't wait to receive the ATL tee, and will let you know how the XXS fits!

    I get so many inspirations from your outfits. Love your blog!

  25. Tee looks fantastic! I hope ATL still has it when I get back from this week at the river!!

    Glad to hear everything is ok with your son. M had a broken ankle last fall - that we let him walk around on for almost a week because he said it wasn't bad. I will be getting Dina Lohan's mother of the year award for sure.

    And you are never going to believe this word verification is "polyvor". Wow!

  26. I picked up the top tonight--thanks again for helping me to find it! I did need to take the XS (usually I am a small in JC). I choose the honey; I'd like the black too but I should save my $$ for fall.

  27. What a cute combo!

    I missed the situation about your son, but glad it is resolved. Yay!

  28. So glad he's doing better.

    I love the outfit - going to ATL today to see if they have any left.

  29. Well, they only had the black left in my size, but it's super cute and fits well and I had a 20% off coupon, so I picked it up. Can't wait to style it - FFM, any tips on a color of cardigan other than cream? I have the bright aquamarine jackie that I'm going to try with it once I get home (I'm at my parents' now).

  30. Hi FFM! My little guy had nurse maid elbow twice, once when he was two and then a couple of weeks ago and he is now 3. The ER doc told me that once it happens it can easily happen again so I knew immediatly when it happened recently. My husband actually popped it back in this last time. My brother-in-law is a doc and told my husband what to do over the phone. Not recommending that but it worked for us this time.

  31. Thank you luvall, Angie, Hexicon, Elizabeth, ny0311, Heidi, Gigi, and math teacher! :)

    Hexicon: You are so welcome! I'm glad to hear you found one! :)

    Heidi: Have fun at the river and I hope you are able to get one of the ATL tees...I know it will look great on you! :)

    math teacher: YAY!!! I'm so glad you were able to get the black tee! I think it's so pretty! I think the Aquamarine jackie with it sounds beautiful! What about the snow leopard cardi? A black one will be cute for a *twinset* effect, too. :)

    musthavejcrew: Thank you for the information! I'm glad to hear your little boy is ok, too!

  32. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll have to try it with the snow leopard cardi. Believe it or not, I don't have a black summer cardi; just the black lea which is way to heavy for SC fall. :)

  33. hi ffm. i am new to your blog and i loooooooove it and all things jcrew. do u have the zebra sequin tee from a few seasons ago? i have the orange zebra one and could use some styling suggestions with it.
    glad ur son is okay!