Thursday, July 16, 2009

7.16.09: Wearing Today...Gap Straight Khaki Trousers *IRL Pics*

7.16.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

I took my son to Occupational Therapy early this morning, ran into the market for a couple of items, and have to spend the rest of the day at home waiting for the cable repair man. So, today's outfit is very basic...chinos, polo, and flip flops. Not really picture worthy by any means, but I did take a couple just to show the Gap Straight Khaki Trousers that are my personal substitute for the J.Crew Boyfriend Chinos. I really like this pair a lot better than the J.Crew version and they cost a lot less, especially since mine were purchased during the last promotion they had and was combined with another 10% off code they had sent me. I am wearing silver accessories with the outfit because the flip flops have navy, pink, and an ice blue/silvery grey ribbon detailing and the silver of my belt and jewelry compliments them really well. The color of the khakis I have on is called Mission Tan and it's similar in color to the J.Crew boyfriend chinos in light khaki...maybe a tad darker. They also come in Optic White, Blue Slate, and Pearl Grey seen here
. The price gets reduced every so often, but now all colors except for Optic White are at full price. When I purchased mine they were at a promo of $39.50 with the additional discounts taken on top of that. :)

I took a pic of them unrolled to show the regular length on me (sorry for the wrinkling...I had been wearing them rolled all morning), which is perfect for wearing flats, sandals, or flip flops. I would have purchased the Long length if I had planned to wear them with heels, though.

On another semi-related note: THANK YOU to Marietta for posting that BR is offering an extra 25% off to cardholders today through the July 19th. The 25% is good on any purchase at BR when you use your BR, Gap, or Old Navy card. :)

Btw...I realized as I was going out the door that I have on colors similar to a lot of school uniforms (at least where we live)...too funny! Oh well...I love Navy and Tan together, so I'm not letting that deter me from wearing them. ;) Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)


  1. Oh I love your outfit today! It is simple yet classy and chic! Very cute :) XOXO

  2. Your outfit today looks great- and I love how the rolled pants look to. (You make everything look fabulous!) Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Cute outfit. I wore something similiar a few weeks ago to work on a Friday and my husband said I looked like one of his students. : )

  4. I have these chinos in charcoal, I picked them up super cheap a couple of weeks ago for under $20.00. I love them, the fit is really flattering. They also look great on you.

  5. Those pants look adorable on you! That is my son's uniform at school. It's a classic look for a reason!

  6. I have and LOVE these pants - I think they are much better than JC's boyfriend chinos, which I returned - they were cut a tad too short in the rise and the length for me.

    I've been impressed with some of the Gap pieces lately - they have a really nice "Icon" like trench for $88 and when I went there today I got a coupon with my purchase for 40% off any one item between August 3-7. Maybe I'll grab the trench then if it's still available!

  7. Love your blog - found you through JCAffic. and I love your outfits. I was just thinking about how great it would be if you could just go to a website and see Poly outfits for different occasions. LIke, "I'm going to lunch at the Country Club today - what should I wear" and then you could get ideas on-line.

    Can't wait to see what's to come.


  8. this outfit is so me! I think I could actually duplicate this one :) You always look like a million bucks!

  9. Thank you so much Brunch at Saks! :)

    Alexis: Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by! :)

    Le Chiquest: Thanks! I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one. ;)

    casual-crew: Wow! You got the chinos for an AMAZING price! I completely agree about the fit, too...very flattering. :)

    THANK YOU cdp! The uniforms at the schools around here are all the khaki chinos and polos in varying colors...simple and classic. :)

    silver_lining: Wasn't it you who posted about them on JCA awhile ago? That's the reason I even gave them a second look, so THANK YOU!!! I love mine, too! I also agree that Gap has some really great pieces now. I definitely want to check out the trench you mentioned. :)

  10. Melli: Welcome and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you continue to visit. :)

    Hi Monogramgirl! Thank you so much! I think you would look great in this look, too. :)

  11. Oh i love your outfit. Too cute. You need to show us how you rolled the pants to be sooo fabulous!Love it. Very chic =)