Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jackie Sparkle

The Sparkling Rose tee is very pretty IRL and actually has color in it close to the Desert Brown Jackie Cardigan...love the grey and brown color combination. This is how I will wear it this Fall...now I just need the bag. :)

*My jeans are from Gap.


  1. Would love to see IRL pic of you in the sparkle tee and brown cardi.....

  2. Have the jackie and waiting for the sparkling tee to arrive this week! Thanks for the idea! It looks so pretty!

    FFM, could I ask you a question? Do you ever buy a piece of clothing in multiple colors? Ia there ever a justifiable excise to do that?? I have started doing that when I know it's dumb. But I can't resist when I see an item I like. What do you suggest that I do?! Thanks!

  3. I want that bag also, I love it!

  4. I ordered the bag and I L-O-V-E it! Just think about how much a bag like that would cost at Coach or kate spade. It is a great purchase.

  5. mrs.anketell: I plan to post a pic at some point...hopefully fairly soon! :)

    newyork0311: Thank you! As for the buying in multiples...I have also been guilty of doing the same thing. I think that it's often hard to find something you really ADORE that works for you so perfectly and that when you do, it makes you want to buy it in multiples. I personally try not to get more than 2 of the same item in different colors or only buy one at regular price and wait for sale price before getting another one. Some items make sense to buy in multiples such as cardigans and tank tops since they can really change the look of everything else in your wardrobe. Perhaps if you find yourself buying 2 or 3 colors of the same item, wear one of them first, see how it works out for you, and then decide if you really want to keep the other colors or not. I hope this helps at least a little! :)

  6. The Outfit of the day: Do you have a favorite color in the bag?

    Congratulations Lindsay! The bag is just SO FABULOUS!!! Which color did you get?