Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The J.Crew Headache Tee

Headache Tee
Headache Tee by FFM featuring J Crew

The next two sets transition the tee into Fall. Please note that the color of the tee is closer IRL to the pic of the tee on the left. :)
Headache Tee *Look Two*
Headache Tee *Look Two* by FFM featuring J Crew


  1. I love the new tote purse! Great outfits!!
    xxx me

  2. Could you post a picture of your scarf tied like a bow? I can't quite picture what your saying, but I'm sure it looks fab if you're doing it. Thanks!

  3. thanks for some more styling ideas. i'm happy i have more options than just my jean jacket. lol

  4. Just bought the headache tee yesterday... love your ideas on how to wear it.

  5. I was worried that this color would wash me out, but I am a pink girl and really like the way it looks with pink. Today I wore it with my dusty rose Maisie, matchsticks, and metallic sherbet ballet slippers.

    (But after picking up the champagne sparkling rose tee I have to put a note on JC CC saying "no more embellished tees!")

  6. OH, I was SOOOOOOO excited to see this post from you!! You made my day! I have the Headache Tee, and I love the fabulous color combinations you have done with it! I am so looking forward to trying some of these outfits out. You are genius!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you Domestic Diva! :)

    Hi Joyce! I'll get a pic posted the week after next...we're headed to the beach so I won't be able to until then. :)

    You're welcome Patina! :)

    Thanks Summerilla! :)

    Hexicon: You're color pairing with the tee sound gorgeous! I'm sure it looks great on you!

    Thanks Gigi!

    mrs.anketell: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the sets. :)

  8. Stopping by to check out your outfits. Hope you have a nice weekend.