Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For All The Mommies To Be

Let me start this post by saying that I am not one of the Mommies To Be. :) I received a request for some sets for the expectant mothers who still want to remain stylish during their pregnancy and feel good about themselves as their bodies change and grow larger.

I find it most beneficial to stick with a basic/neutral color scheme when considering maternity clothing and then accessorize with fabulous scarves, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. This way you won't have to make a huge investment in maternity clothes and you can still wear the accessories long after you lose the *baby weight*. It is also possible to simply purchase larger sizes of non-maternity clothing to wear, but I personally prefer actual maternity clothing since it is designed specifically for an expectant mother's changing figure. There are numerous clothing lines that have fabulous maternity clothing that is affordable such as Old Navy, Liz Lange for Target, and Gap...even Spanx has a maternity collection. :)

Here are a few sets I styled for the Mommy To Be:

Mommy To Be
Mommy To Be by FFM featuring Old Navy
Gap has a similar striped shirt available in their Maternity section right now in different colors (not blue), as well as solids. Click Here for the link.

Old Navy used to sell an adorable Maternity Jacket, but I don't see it on their website right now. You can purchase a larger size non-maternity jacket in this case that would work just fine.

Congratulations to all you expecting mommies! What an exciting time in your life! God Bless You! :)


9.30.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: The tee is tucked in and the top 3 buttons of the cardigan are done.


9.29.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I wore on Tuesday: Took my three youngest for haircuts and then stopped by J.Crew. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspiration: Let Go


To 'let go' does not mean to stop caring;
it means I can't do it for someone else.

To 'let go' is not to cut myself off;
it is the realization that I must not control another.

To 'let go' is not to fix;
but to be supportive.

To 'let go' is not to be in the middle
arranging all the outcomes;
but to allow others to effect their destinies.

To 'let go' is not to be protective;
it is to permit another to face reality.

To 'let go' is not to regret the past;
but to grow and live for the future.

To 'let go' is to fear less and love more.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

*Wearing Today* Weekend Recap

This is just a quick post to recap my *Wearing Today* outfits from Friday, Saturday, and today. The Polyvores from Friday and today were styled awhile ago because I've worn the outfits before. I still haven't found my camera cord so I don't have IRL pics, but I'm going to do another thorough search for it this week, and will hopefully be able to start posting them again soon. :)

8.31.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
Wearing to church this morning: 9.27.09. :)

9.26.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
What I wore on Saturday: Dropped my son off at church for a youth group event and then made a trip to the market.

*I purchased my newsboy cap from Gap a couple years ago, so I don't have a picture of it

8.8.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
What I wore on Friday: 9.25.09.

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


9.24.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: Early morning Occupational Therapy for my son and then Homeschool co-op for all 4 boys in the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few *Wearing Today* Sets

9.20.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
This is what I wore to my Grandmother's funeral. She was quite the Fashionista and would have loved this outfit. :)

The Geo Frances cami is tucked into the skirt and the cardigan is buttoned up all the way. My earrings are round instead of triangle and my handbag is the solid black signature bag in a similar style to the one in the set.

9.21.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
Wearing on 9.21.09: A.M.

This is what I wore to our family dinner at my parents' house in the evening. The shorts are black and the cardigan is dark charcoal grey.

9.22.09 by FFM featuring J Crew
Wearing Today: My shirt is the in-store only version of this tee that doesn't have the epaulettes on the shoulders. My jeans are the ON Weekend jeans that I am wearing cuffed and my earrings are similar only they don't have the flower detail on them. Have a great day! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspiration: Men and Women of Character

The world needs men and women. . .

* who cannot be bought;

* whose word is their bond;

* who put character above wealth;

* who possess opinions and a strong will;

* who are larger than their vocations;

* who do not hesitate to take risks;

* who will not lose their individuality in a crowd;

* who will be as honest in small affairs as in greater;

* who will make no compromise with wrong;

* whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires;

* who will not say they do it "because everybody else does it;"

* who are true to their friends through good and bad, in adversity as well as in prosperity;

* who do not believe that shrewdness, cunning, and hardheadedness are the best qualities for winning success;

* who are not ashamed or afraid to stand for the truth when it is unpopular;

* who can say "no" with emphasis, although all the rest of the world says "yes."

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Have a beautiful and blessed week! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


9.18.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: Running errands. Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


9.17.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: Early morning Physical Therapy for my 3 year-old and then Homeschool Co-op in the afternoon. My skirt is a similar one made by Elle (from Kohl's), and my cardigan is a white boyfriend cardigan from Old Navy.

The New Arrivals: My J.Crew Wishlist

My wishlist from the new arrivals at J.Crew:

Perfect Pencil Skirt in Bright Blue, item #17444 seen here on the J.Crew website:
Deco Shirred Skirt, item #17480 seen here . JCAs who have tried this on report that it is really short though. Perhaps sizing up will help with the length...I'll have to try it on to know for sure.

Merino Ruffle Fifi Cardigan, item #18931 seen here . I'm not sure about this looks cute, but is hard to tell for sure from the online pics since the sweater is so dark. This is one that definitely needs to be seen IRL before making a final decision.
Sapphire Tweed Pencil Skirt, item #17481 seen here . I love the color but not the price. If this one is as thick as the Black and White Oona skirt then it will be a *no-go*...not flattering on my figure and too warm for Florida. If it is close to the same weight and feel as the Sparkle Tweed skirt from last year, then it will definitely remain on my wishlist. :)

So that's it for my wishlist. This is a small rollout and there isn't too much I'm really interested in. I hope the big October rollout has lots and lots of TDF pieces!!! :)

What's on your wishlist from the new arrivals? Any must have pieces for you? Have you already placed an order?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


9.16.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: Sorry I don't have IRL pics to show because I still cannot find the cord to upload them to my laptop. It's been missing since we came back from our beach vacation so I'm afraid it may have been left behind.

I do hope you all are having a fabulous week! I'm looking forward to the new arrivals from J.Crew and will post my wishlist once they go online. Have a great day! :)


Untitled by FFM featuring Vince

Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiration: Life Is A Miracle


Life is a miracle
don't let it slip away,

Open your heart to others
give of yourself each day.

See the beauty in everyone
regardless of where they've been,

Some have a difficult journey
and really need a friend.

Share your gifts and talents
listen with your heart.

Do the things you dream about
but don't have time to start.

Pick a bouquet of flowers
show someone that you care,

Be gracious and forgiving
life is never fair.

Hold on to your courage
you may need it down the road,

We all have a cross to bear
it could be a heavy load.

If you practice all these things
no matter where you roam,

You may find both sun and rain
but you'll never feel alone.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Have a beautiful and blessed week! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


9.12.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: I spent several hours at the mall today and actually met one of my blog followers while I was in J.Crew. I must say it was an absolute pleasure to talk with her. :)

Anthro, J.Crew, BR, Ann Taylor, ATL, and Talbots all have tons of cute fall clothes...can't wait for the weather to get cooler:)

I wore the tee under the jacket...I don't have a pic of it without the white button down.

Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

9.11.09: Doggies and Denim

Wearing Today: Working at home and then errands later on today.

The axcess Denim Jacket in this set is from Kohls. It is my alternative to the J.Crew Safari Denim jacket. It was only $24.99 at the time I purchased it and can be found here on the Kohls website. The jacket is well made, much cuter as well as a tad lighter IRL than on the website, and runs TTS (non J.Crew size that is)...I purchased it in size Small. I took a few pictures but cannot find the cord to my camera to upload them, unfortunately. As for wearing it today, it is only worn when indoors...still too warm to wear it outside for an extended period of time. Have a great day! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


9.10.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Wearing Today: Early morning Occupational Therapy for my 3 year-old, and then Homeschool co-op in the afternoon for all 4 boys. My jeans are the ON Weekend jeans...very comfortable. :)


9.03.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I Wore: Took my 3 year-old to Physical Therapy early this morning, then made a trip to Anthropologie and J.Crew. :)

*My blazer is from Gap. The necklace is wrapped twice around my neck.


8.31.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I Wore: My 2 oldest had physicals and immunizations at the pediatrician today, and then we ran a couple of errands. My jeans are actually a pair of dark *dressy* denim that I found at TJ Maxx. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspiration: Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself
To the depth of your being

Nourish the talents
Your spirit is freeing

Know in your heart
When the going gets slow

That your faith in yourself
Will continue to grow

Don't forfeit ambition
When others may doubt

It's your life to live
You must live it throughout

Learn from your errors
Don't dwell in the past

Never withdraw
From a world that is vast

Believe in yourself
Find the best that is you

Let your spirit prevail
Steer a course that is true

~Author: Bruce B. Wilmer

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Bit of Miscellaneous

Hello Everyone! I am playing a bit of *catch up* since our Beach Vacation and wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have stopped by. I'm still in the process of answering your comments and catching up on all the other blogs, too.

The following sets are a bit of miscellaneous...mainly outfits that I wore on our vacation, as well as a couple that I've worn since we got back home. The information about each set is posted below it, btw. ;) Also, I fully intend to do the post about has just been delayed a bit.

8.23.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I wore: the solid tee is worn under the J.Crew Paisley tee. My jeans are from BR, but the pic shows them rolled, so this is my substitution pic for wearing them unrolled.

8.14.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I wore for the road trip over to the Beach condo. My shirt is actually the in-store only baby stripe crewneck in navy and white. :)

8.15.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I wore Saturday afternoon/evening for a trip to the market and then an after dinner walk on the beach at sunset.

8.16.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I wore on Sunday at the beach. It rained all day so we spent time inside the condo watching movies and relaxing. Then once the rain stopped after dinner we took another walk on the beach. :) My skirt is actually the J.Crew Sanur dress in Charcoal that I bought at my B&M.

8.17.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

A quick morning trip to Walmart before hitting the beach with DH and our boys. :)

8.18.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Relaxing in the condo late afternoon/early evening and then an after dinner walk on the beach.

8.19.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

8.20.09 by FFM featuring Old Navy

Another afternoon/evening relaxing in the condo.

8.21.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Still at the beach, but headed home in the evening. :)

8.22.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Back at home...running errands, hair appointment, and the market.

We had a wonderful time at the beach and are now preparing to start school again next Tuesday. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scarf Tying Guide

I originally posted this back in February, but thought it would be beneficial to post again since we are headed into Fall. This is the link to a site that has numerous Scarf Tying Styles and instructions are included...just click on the name of the Fold, Knot, or Scarf Tying Style. Enjoy! :)

Scarf Tying Guide