Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration: Growth

Growth is the result of responding to change in a positive way.

Many of the things in which we face are not fun.
We all go through hardships, trouble and calamity.
This world is full of adversity and difficult situations.

We must look at each adversity as an opportunity for growth.
You may have had a situation in your own life where you thought that it was all a big waste of time, and energy.

You may be questioning why you ever had to go through what you did.
Well, for every adversity that you go through, there is always the seed of equal or greater benefit.

A seed has to be crushed and broken in the ground before it can begin to grow.
If you have been crushed lately by someone or something, it's time to GROW.

It's time to look for a way to respond positively to this situation.
It may not be easy, but it must be done.

Too many people spend too much time wallowing, and not moving on.
Hold your head high. Rise above the situation.

A new day is dawning. Look forward to a better time.
You have done your best. Forget the rest.

This is growth.
We struggle, we learn, we overcome.

~~ Author Unknown ~~


  1. I needed this inspiration as soon as I saw it and from this day forward. Thank you so much...

  2. thank you for your inspiration.
    it is very uplifting!
    i have a question OT. i am considering buying the marled cardigan and you seem to like it a it cut TTS? sometimes the xs are to big for me so i am wondering, if it would be overwhelming on my small frame?
    is it warm and soft?
    with what can i wear it except jeans?
    do you think it can be incorporated into "workwear".

  3. You are SO very welcome Anon@9:21! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week! :)

  4. Hi ina! I'm so glad you enjoyed this week's inspiration! :)

    I absolutely LOVE the Marled Wool cardigan and I do think it fits TTS. I have the XSmall and can still easily wear a turtleneck underneath it, like I did yesterday. It is so cozy and comfy, as well as warm and soft. I am 5'4 and it covers my hips hitting at my upper thigh...I don't find it overwhelming at all. I also think it can work on someone even shorter and more petite than me, as it could also work as a sweater duster or coat. :) It looks great with skirts and dress pants as well as jeans, so I think it is very versatile. HTH!!! Have a great day! :)

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, once again it hit the mark!

  6. This is a great post! Love the powerful message. Thanks for sharing FFM!!! :)

  7. Thank you for stopping by casual-crew and Alexis...have a wonderful week! :)