Friday, November 6, 2009

Extremely Nice *In Real Life*

I want to share some Old Navy pieces that I personally think are extremely nice *in real life*. The Stuff & Save promotion is still going on until 11/8 and you receive an extra 30% off of your purchase when you use your Gap, BR, or ON card...such a fantastic deal! :)

The Pleated Sateen Skirt in the Black and White print seen
here on the Old Navy website. I ordered a size 4 but it seems a tad big, so the size 2 is on the way to me right now in order for me to decide which will be the better fit. This is a true black and white print and the shape/fit reminds me a little of the Taffeta Belle skirts from J.Crew last year. Plus it has pockets!!! :)

Next is the 3/4 Sleeve Sateen Blazer seen
here . This is a LOVE for me! I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived, especially for the price. I ordered it in size Small and the fit is perfect. :)Last is the Quilted Performance Fleece Lined Vest seen here on the website. I ordered this in the *Coffee Grounds* color to wear with my Frye look alike boots. The small came yesterday but I think it is a tad too big in the bust area so I am waiting on the XSmall to see which one is the better fit. This vest is very flattering and perfect weight for's my personal alternative to the J.Crew Puffer Vest. :)Have you ordered anything from Old Navy lately? Do you have any pieces that you have been pleasantly surprised by when they arrived?


  1. No, I haven't ordered anything yet but you are certainly tempting me...
    Thanks for sharing your finds!
    I'm off to the ON site! ;)

  2. I stopped by ON this morning to pick up some outer wear. I got a peacoat for $24 and some of my girls' coats for $10-12 each. It's a bit on the thin side but in CA weather I could layer a sweater under. I wanted to try more stuff but my baby was getting sleepy. I may have to try the puffer vest as an alternative to JC's and the boyfriend jacket looks really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just bought an ON charcoal grey cabled sweater dress with a hood ... looking forward to wearing it with tights and the look-alike Fryes that I got thanks to you :)

  4. I like your picks! I added your link to my post of items I reviewed here.

  5. Thank you for the info on the ON puffer vest. I actually think I like it because it looks less "puffy" than the J Crew version. I have a JC in Papaya from last year, and it is warm and cozy, but being large chested, it makes me look like a big round snowman! haha

    Would you say this ON one is less bulky? TIA for your help! Have a great weekend.

  6. Suzy - I have an irl pi of the ON puffer here:

  7. I have shopped ON quite abit this year to supplement my JC purchases. They are great for basic pieces.

    I like your choices, and awhile back ON had a 1 day sale on the Puffer Vest for $15.00. I did not get it, I could only wear it for 3-4 weeks before it gets really cold and I have to switch to a puffer with sleeves. I am so jealous of your winter climate!

  8. Thank you for your comments and for stopping by ladies...I really appreciate it!

    Thanks Gigi! Btw, the link goes back to your own post. :)

    Suzy: I don't think the ON Puffer is bulky. I have an ON puffer from a few years ago, and this one is significantly less bulky than it. The majority of the reviews for this one on the ON website are good, too. :)

  9. I have gotten a ton of stuff from ON lately, with the stuff and save. I also took advantage again yesterday and used the stuff and save on sale outerwear, scoring a wool coat for $30!! My favorites:

    Tissue turtlenecks
    Argyle v neck sweater
    Jewel button cardi
    Shawl Collar cardi (my favorite, in teal, which is so pretty and flattering)

  10. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it. I have a lot of ON posts as of late.

  11. Great pics! I'm eyeing some of their outerwear...:)

  12. I now have three pairs of the ON Weekend Boyfriend jeans.....very reasonable price ($34.50 before any discounts) and they are not to "torn up" looking. They run comfortably big. Where I would usually wear a 0 in Gap jeans, for instance, the 2 is just right in these for me.

  13. Thanks for the "boyfriend" reviews! This is exactly what I am after..a decent blazer that isn't pricey. I hadn't even thought to look at ON (was too busy buying mostly sweaters there;) Now they only have a medium but I am tempted to try it and see what happens. Apparently it's not in stores?? Can someone let me know if they find them in their store..pretty sure I need a small as I find their things run big if anything.
    I will also check out the Elle version. I do LOVE the ON price..a whopping $28 this weekend:)