Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Few Sets for Today...

A few more sets...some of what I've worn or intend to wear and some are simply for inspiration. :)

:) by FFM featuring J Crew

The tank in the next set is a *stand-in* for the in store only Ruffles and Rose tank. I've heard it's supposed to be available online around December 15th for those not near a store.

The cardigan is worn buttoned up over the tank and the roses are positioned on the outside of the neckline of it. It is SO cute on IRL. :)

This is my stand-in for the in-store only Ruffles and Roses tank in Grey again. It's worn under the striped tee with the roses and ruffles pulled out over the neckline.

This cardigan is very pretty IRL. It is actually more gold than the picture shows, too.
:) by FFM featuring Old Navy

What I Wore on 11.13.09: More errands and a trip to the market. The blazer is much prettier and darker IRL than this pic. My tee is also Gap and a bit closer to the color of the boots. My jeans are ON and worn over the boots
11.13.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

What I Wore on 11.16.09: My sweater is a similar style from Target last year and my belt is the J.Crew black leather jeans belt. :)
11.16.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

Have a wonderful and blessed day! :)


  1. Awww, I love the reindeer tee! It's such a great color, too!

  2. what would i give to be that pulled together in any one of those outfits....sigh......

  3. I love the new ruffled tank...I haven't seen it yet but I like how you layered it over the striped tee which I have. Thanks for some great inspirations! Have a great day!

  4. Hi FFM! I hope you got the snowflake tee online! I just received that and the reindeer tee yesterday, and thought of you. I got the same color as you and can't wait to wear it :)

  5. lovely, but i miss your IRL photos! :)

  6. Love all the sets. The reindeer tee is SO CUTE!!

  7. Love that tortoise belt ~ I just got it & its very versatile. Love those Anthro. pearl drop earrings, must check them out irl.

  8. Very cute, specially the first ones.
    How have you been FFM?

  9. Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for stopping by...so glad you are enjoying these sets! :)

    tres tippy: I did get the snowflake/snow gem tee online and LOVE it! It is so much prettier IRL than online...definitely one of my all time favorites! :)

    The Outfit of the day: Hello! Thank you for checking in on me! I am doing well, how about you?

  10. Hey! Where is the Reindeer tee from? I'm sure it says it in there by my reading comprehension is lacking today.
    Love your blog!

  11. Hi Katie! The reindeer tee is from J.Crew. You can find it here in the porcelain color. The hazelnut is sold out now, unfortunately.

  12. I just got a winter long sleeve cardi from ON in black. This will be a nice outfit.