Thursday, December 31, 2009

J.Crew New Arrivals: My Wishlist

Being that this rollout is a small one, I really didn't think I would find many new items I'd be interested in...I was wrong. I actually like quite a few pieces. Perhaps it's because I am in a climate where I can wear them right now, without a real *need* to layer or wear a coat over them? Honestly, we can still get away with wearing shorts here now...even without tights. ;) We have had cooler temps the past week or so, and that is where the Long Beach Cardigan comes in...perfect in the day and the evening.
2. Chambray Popover. As you know, I have the Stripe Cotton Popover and love it. It works really well under the Jackie Shell, Jackie Cardigan, Boyfriend Blazers, and Chino Cooper Jacket, just to name a few. The Chambray popover reminds me a little of the Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt, but the popover will give a cleaner line when layered since it doesn't have any pockets. I initially tried the Selvedge Chambray Shirt but it was a disaster. The color just was not pretty IRL and the fit was way too large, even in the way it would work to layer. So now that the Chambray Popover is being offered, I am really, really interested in it.

3. Panneau Silk Cami. This isn't really a new arrival, but it is on my wishlist, nonetheless. Now, this could be absolutely gorgeous on, or it could be one hot needs to be tried on to know for sure. I may have to order it just to see, since my B&M doesn't have it in. I want to know how it fits and looks before it goes to the dreaded Final Sale.

4. Tulle Tiered Blouse. This was also listed on my previous post and isn't really a new arrival either. However, it is still on my wishlist because I think it is just so pretty and feminine. Has anyone had the chance to try this on?

5. Lolly Mini Clutch in Tea Rose. How pretty, how pretty, how pretty...

6. Broken-in Boyfriend Chino Short in Canyon. Like I said...shorts are *do-able* in Florida now and I love that these are the same fit/fabric as the Boyfriend Chinos which I have in 3 colors and love. :)

7. Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace in *Pearl*, which is currently waitlisted until 3.15.10...can you believe that? In the meantime I have been wrapping my 72" pearl strand 4 times around my neck and *twisting* it myself to give a look very similar to the one at J.Crew.

8. Pearl Jewel Box Earrings, currently waitlisted until 2.8.10. (Also in my previous post and still on my wishlist.)

9. Broken-in Boyfriend Chino Short in Cognac. I love the color cognac...L.O.V.E. it on, handbags, belts, and now shorts, too! :)

10. Lolly Mini Clutch in Spring Daisy. Pretty, pretty, pretty...

11. Crinkled Silk Shell in Champagne. I LOVE that this has a back zip, instead of the dreaded side zip that J.Crew has been placing in their camis and shirts for quite a while now. It looks so feminine and I love the cowl neck, too.

So, what is on your New Arrivals wishlist? Have you already placed an order, or are you headed to your local J.Crew to see what they got in?


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  2. I ordered the Stripe Popover this am, I could not pass this up. I sized down based on the measurements CS gave me, I hope they are accurate.

    I also like the Classic Bermuda shorts, they have taken the stretch out of them this season, so when I asked CS about the sizing I got the feeling they are running a tad larger this year.

    I also like the Cotton v-neck pullover I wonder about the quality though.

  3. Even though i already have several stripe button down type tops, I think I am going for the stripe popover before it sells out. Thanks for the review ....also , if you've seen It's Complicated, Meryl streep appears to be wearing this top or something VERY similar in one of the scenes!

  4. FFM, how does the popover do tucked in? I am petite (5 ft 2), and the shirt placket would probably fall a lot lower on me, so I'm trying to figure out if it would look weird having buttons all the way down except right before it tucks in(almost like a button missing). Not sure if I'm making sense - don't have a B&M near me, and don't want to shell out exhorbitant shipping on item I'm not sure on. Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the long post....

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on getting the stripe pullover casual-crew and txmom! I think you will really like it. I've found many different ways to style it and will be posting them in the future. :)

    casual-crew: I'm not sure about the cotton v-neck pullover either. It looks as if it will probably be sheer in the lighter colors...what color are you considering?

    txmom: I haven't seen that movie yet but do plan on it. Meryl Streep is one of my all time favorite actresses, acutally. :) I will definitely look for the shirt on her.

  6. Hi anon@8:09am: Please don't apologize...your post wasn't long at all, and I don't mind long posts anyways. :)

    The popover tucks in nicely, IMO. I took some measurements that I hope will help you.

    The length of the shirt is 27.75 inches. The placket (where the buttons are on the front of the shirt) is 15 inches in length. The distance from the bottom of the placket to the bottom hem is 9.25 inches, and it is 12.5 inches from the bottom of the last button to the bottom hem. Oh and the length of the shirt in front from the top button to the bottom hem is 24.25 inches. If you can take measurements on your body and compare them to these, it should help give you a better idea of where the shirt will fall on you lengthwise. HTH! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  7. My favorites include the soleil paisley tunic, Carly dress, rosette tee, and the silk taffeta Blakley dress.

    I like the rosette ruffle cardigan as well, but i'm concerned that the fabric is on the thin side. Also, it's trendy. I'll wait a while to read reviews.

  8. I love everything you chose. I am now thinking I need the chambray pop over. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I was thinking about the Breeze color, which I think is on the lighter shade of blue/green.

  10. I love the tulle tiered blouse! And those pearl earrings. By the way, I picked up that Target pearl necklace yesterday and it's a great knockoff. You always find the cutest things at Target--please post them more often if you can!!! :)

  11. I have the Panneau Silk Cami and it's ALL your fault! :)

    Remember when you published that "In Love ..." polyvore set? That enabled ... uh inspired me to order and it came yesterday. Got it in the dark charcoal color and love it! Had the Paulette briefly in my cart before someone else took it, oh well.

  12. FFM,
    You have a really nice wishlist. I can't wait for your reviews.

    The pearl earring, I own one, and I LOVE LOVE it. I noticed that few people think this is a huge earring, but I don't. I love pearls and specially if they are big. The only bad side, is that the earring is a little heavy.

    Lolly mini clutch, it's adorable!!! I didn't pay attention on this until now, and now I want it as well.

    Panneau Blouse, love the color and I think this blouse can be very versatile, one of my favorites too.

  13. Cleo, Southern Sugar, anon@2:42, tiffany rose, and The Outfit of the day: Thank you all so much for stopping by and sharing!

    Cleo: Your picks are fantastic! Please report back if you end up getting any of them or see them IRL.

    Southern Sugar: Let me know if you end up getting the Chambray Popover...I'd love to know what it's like IRL. :)

    anon@2:42: Congrats on getting the pearl necklace from Target. It really is a great knockoff, isn't it? I will definitely continue to share my *look-alike* finds. :)

    tiffany rose: Congratulations on your Panneau silk cami! I'm glad to hear that it really is fabulous IRL and I will definitely continue to *stalk* it. Can you tell me if it runs TTS? TIA!

    The Outfit of the Day: We seem to have very similar tastes, especially in J.Crew clothing! :) I am now waitlisted for the pearl earrings and can't wait to receive them. As for the heaviness: have you heard of Earlifts? They are amazing at helping *take the weight* off of your ears when wearing heavier earrings. You can find them at or usually on Ebay. :)

  14. I love that tulle tiered blouse! I'm not wanting much from the new arrivals. Anyone know if the tulle tiered blouse has a cotton layer underneath? I did purchase the nouveau gem earrings and they are gorgeous.

  15. I think the Panneau cami is TTS. Keep in mind that *all* size 0 camis are rather big and loose on me since I wear a petite 0. So it's hard for me to tell if a regular 0 is a little looser or less loose. It seems to be a tiny bit slimmer fitting than the silk tiered cami.

    As for the cami itself, if you don't like the slightly rumpled look, you may not like the Panneau since the fabric has a random crinkled texture. With that, I felt rather elegant in it ... in a tuxedo jacket with skinny vintage jeans sort of way. Does that help?

  16. Anon@11:55: The description for the Tulle blouse says that it's lined, but it doesn't say with what. I did hear from another JCA who tried it that she felt it was wide and boxy on...needless to say she returned it. I think that it will fit each woman differently though, so it is still worth trying out to know for sure. Conrats on your new earrings! :)

  17. tiffany rose: Thank you for the fit information. It really does help a lot. I've had the size 0 sitting in my cart for days and this morning it was gone, then I was able to add it again for waitlist, but that one disappeared, too. I may never get the chance to try it on after sad.

    Congratulations on getting the cami. I'm sure you look gorgeous in it. :)

  18. Oh sad on your size being gone :(

    Guess we'll have to hope for a pop-back on the Panneau for you!