Sunday, December 13, 2009

J.Crew Sherpa Puffer Vest in Antique Stone


  1. FFM,

    I love those triangular earrings you featured in a set last week. The Target link says sold out. Have you seen something similar at any other stores? Thanks!

    Holly in Sacramento

  2. I love the tones in #1. Very pretty!

  3. Hi Holly! I just checked and the triangle earrings are available online again now, as well as a similar pair that is round. The pair I actually own I did purchase at Target and they are round with the black stone in the middle, but were only $5 in the jewelry section. Target now has an area that has all kinds of jewelry priced at $5. I haven't seen the pair online IRL, but the $5 pair I have are very pretty. Here are the $25 round pair available online Cubic Zirconia Round Earrings and the triangle pair Cubic Zirconia Triangle Earrings . HTH! Let me know if you order the online pair...I'd like to know how they are IRL. :)

  4. Adorable (as usual). I have a few new J. Crew pieces that I am unsure how to style... do you mind if I e-mail you? Thanks in advance!!!

    PS - When walking through Target this week, I found ONE PAIR of the brown engineer boots (that I had been dying for and unable to find) IN MY SIZE! Bought them on the spot... YAY :)

  5. Thanks for the earring information! I just ordered the black triangle pair and a round crystal pair. I also saw Target had CZ square and round in green and red. And a pretty blue pair. If I like the pairs I ordered, I may order the colored pairs.

    I'll post on your blog when I receive them. Thanks again for your help in locating these!

    Holly in Sac

  6. Thanks Julie and congrats on getting your boots at Target! Of course feel free to email me...I'd be more than happy to help you. :)

    Hi Holly! I can't wait to hear what you think about the earrings...thanks for posting. :)